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Monday, December 16, 2013

Normal Sunday in Huatabampito

For some reason last evening the TelCel stick went into ultra-slow mode. Can barely do anything on line. Not any better this morning. Wonder what is going on? Up till now it has been working really fast and consistent. Well TIM = this is Mexico.
Yesterday it got up to over 80F but the wind was blowing like crazy and the fine sand can get into here through the smallest crack so everything feels gritty today. This morning it is pretty calm out and the waves aren’t as big. Hope it stays that way especially when the painters start painting. Otherwise we’ll have a “textured” finish. They got here at 8:00 this morning. They brought us an invoice for the painting supplies -2300Pesos. I was looking at the list and it of course was in Spanish except for thinner and masking tape – those two items were in English……
Should not complain about the weather – this is home.
Didn’t do too much yesterday. We headed into Huatabampo to do some grocery shopping we passed this family of three out for a Sunday drive.
Then saw two older women walking up the road – for the next few miles there is nothing so where were they going? Bill turned around and offered them a ride. Turns out they were on their way to Yarvaros – about five miles away! They had been to visit the younger woman’s daughter. So we took them home and were told to stop by any time for lunch.
You cannot drive fast on these roads. You never know who you might run into - literally!
Selling piƱatas and fresh baked pastries.
This is one of the things we love about Mexico even doing such a mundane thing as going for groceries can be so interesting.
Back on the road to Huatabampo we pass a small procession for the Virgin of Guadalupe.
The boys in the pickup were playing their drums and music for the group. Notice the orange cord going from under the hood to the amplifier in the bed of the truck.
I took a short video of it with sound but unless the Internet connection picks up I can’t add it.
There is a new Chinese restaurant in Huatabampo so we stopped to check out the food. We parked in front of a hardware store – there was a solar water heater in the window. About 40 gallons costing around US$680 depending on the exchange rate. Makes sense here where the sun is usually shinning and the electricity is expensive.
Checked out the Chinese food – looked and smelled good. We stopped on the way home and got some. A whole lot sweeter than we were used to but pretty good.
At the market while Bill was buying tortillas for the seagulls I was checking out some Christmas gift baskets. This one has Scotch and Tequila in it. Along with Spam, Saltines, Carnation Milk, candy, tuna, chips and all kinds of other stuff. Costs 3500 Pesos. Exchange rate is about 13 pesos to 1 dollar. So costs about US$270
Another father taking his kids shopping.
Spent the rest of the day home watching the sand blowing around, listening to music and reading. There was no one on the beach for a Sunday – guess it was too cold and windy. 
The three painters are working and Bill is outside throwing tortillas to the seagulls. And hopefully this will post okay. 

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