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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rain and some recalculations!

If nothing else we are living up to our Mantra “Recalculate – Recalculate”
I’m glad I got the sunrise and sunset pictures when I did because yesterday afternoon the weather turned nasty. Rained most of the night and very overcast and quite cool today. So not wanting to travel when there is a chance of rain we are staying here another day. But tomorrow is supposed to be clean so we’ll [perhaps] get on the road again. And even more changes. We probably won’t be going to Huatabampito as the weather is supposed to be cool – in mid to low 60s and breezy for at least a week. Not the kind of weather we want to spend on the beach. Soooo….when we leave here we might – stop just south of Los Mochies at a Pemex [gas/truck stop] for over night and then drive straight through to Mazatlan. Supposed to be in the 80s there. And Bill is drooling for his ribs at Fat Fish.
At home it is going to be a rough week or so. High temperatures in the teens and at night zero or below. With snow, ice and sleet. Ugh.
Cleaned house some yesterday – at least vacuumed and dusted a little and another load of laundry. Then in the evening just before the rain we went out to dinner at Blackie’s again. A wonderful dinner. I had fish with artichoke and sun dried tomatoes, rice and vegetables again, Bill and the other Carol had steak and baked potatoes. Joe had flambéed shrimp. The fixed it right at the table – and guess who didn’t bring their camera or cell phone.
Maybe we’ll have to go there again tonight to do it over - with pictures.

STOP THE PRESSES – Bill just back from the main office and we will be staying here one more week….well until Wednesday the 11th. Like I said recalculate. 

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  1. We will be in Mazatlan tomorrow and will check out Fat Fish. Might even leave a few bones for Bill!! lol
    Thanks for the recommendation.