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Sunday, December 8, 2013

End of Quest for House of Shells

Have done very little the last couple of days. Bill has been watching movies and I’ve been reading John Sanford's book Storm Front it is a Virgil Flowers book and as always good reading.
Weather here is good – pretty cool at nights and getting up to low 70s mid day.  Should not complain as these are the temperatures for where we live……Don’t think I’ve seen it be that cold for so many days in a row since we’ve lived there. And they are getting snow.Wonder how deep the fish pond will freeze.

Mon - hi 28 lo 15  Tues hi 27 lo 06  Wed hi 33  lo 06  Thur hi 24 lo 11 Fri hi 35 lo 21 (a heat wave)

I did get some more information about my quest for the House of Shells – Casa de las Conchas. For the life of me I can’t find the original picture I saw on the web – guess it joined my carrot cake – inside joke. But I did find another picture labeled House of Shells which according to my memory – I know ha ha – wasn’t the same picture I’d seen before – different building. Here is the one I just found on a web site about Guaymas. Again this is not the original one I found. But it does say where it is located. 
Casa de las Conchas - En el centro de la cuidad y a un costado de la plaza del 13 de julio se encuentra esta casa que tiene para a su exhibicion y venta gran variedad de conchas y artesainia hechas de esta material. 
Hummmmm we've been in that area - wait! I think I took a picture of that building.....and here is my picture of it. 
Same building for sure BUT......according to another source who lives here in Guaymas that probably isn’t the right building. She told me that I had already posted a picture of the right building and here is her quote
What you are looking for, the casa de conchas, (shell house) was only 1 small room which sold sea shells in the large building which is the Casa Michaud. It is across the street from the 13 of July Plaza. The little store has been closed for years. Part of the building is a lawyers office or something like that and part of it is lived in. It was no big deal whatsoever, just a tiny little shop. You were already at it and posted a photo of it in your post: http://lifeinbrowncounty.blogspot.mx/2013/11/a-day-in-guaymas-sonora-mexico.html
Looking through that blog post I think this is the building she means - right area and looks more like the picture I remember.
– next time we go downtown I’ll check out the name of the building. And so ends my quest. 
Not much else going on that is worth writing about. We did take a walk up towards town. Lots of big homes right on the beach - with cars with US license plates on them parked in the driveways. Went to grocery store, did laundry boring......


  1. OK that description is correct or was when the tiny store was open. Casa de las Conchas - En el centro de la cuidad y a un costado de la plaza del 13 de julio se encuentra esta casa que tiene para a su exhibicion y venta gran variedad de conchas y artesainia hechas de esta material.

    BUT the photo they posted was the wrong building, that building they posted has offices and a coffee shop in it and it is on the opposite side of the Plaza from the building that used to have the shell store.

    Yes the photo I said is the right building is the one you say you thought I meant. Sorry I goofed on the name though it is not Casa Michaud it is Casa Ricaud. Was built by a French family many years ago. Sorry about the name slip up.
    Did you look for the one in San Carlos?

  2. In your photo of the building, the door for the shell store was the tall opening approx. in between where the van and the car are parked on the side street.

    1. Thanks so much for your imput - I suspected the info on the yellow building was wrong as the first picture I found was of an older more ornate building. We'll be leaving the area in a couple of days - is there anything else we should try to find or see?

  3. There is a cruise ship coming in tomorrow, or supposed to be anyway so there should be lots of activity going on at the malecon along the water in centro and probably at the plazas also.
    The best view in the city of Guaymas of the city is from the Monument of Benito Juarez which is located about 2 blocks off of Serdan (the main street). Turn left at the traffic light at Calle 10 (there is a Soriane store at this corner) and go up the big hill. You can wander around up on the large area of the monument and get a birds eye view of the city.
    Did you have a good wander around the grounds of the Playa de Cortez Hotel when you went by it to go to the pearl farm? It has very pretty grounds, building, etc.. From reading the blog I think you have covered most of the high points. Not sure if you went to see the Casa de la Cultura or not, really just another nice old building which was a private home and now houses the Casa de la Cultura where classes in music, art, dance, theatre, etc. are given. I take art lessons there Mon. & Wed. evenings; but classes go on every afternoon after 4 pm and I think some in the mornings also.
    Hope you have had a nice stay here, too bad you hit such cold weather. We are absolutely freezing to death at the moment. have a good trip.