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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sunrise - Sunset San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

I was up really early yesterday morning and crossed the street to watch the sunrise!
While I was watching hundred of pelicans were flying up the coast. They came in bunches – one after another. How can they fly two inches off the water without hitting a wave? Another of natures wonders.  Some pictures of the sunrise.
Sun is behind the hill just thinking about coming up

Some of the pelicans

Looks like their wings are touching the golden water

All the pelicans in a row

Sun is just starting to shine on the buildings

Like a postcard  Sunrise over San Carlos
Didn’t do much else yesterday – a day of rest – with the exception of a load of laundry and thinking about vacuuming….just thinking.
But later on I again walked across the street to watch the sunset. Best one since we’ve been here.

Golden cloud

Serene beach San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Using "oil painting" setting on my camera
After enjoying the sunset we went out to dinner. And we’ve extended our stay here one more day. But if the weather is good we will be leaving here tomorrow. There is supposed to be a storm and colder weather moving in so plans in jello. 

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  1. Great pics Carol! Thanks! I sure do miss the Mexico sunsets - don't think I made it up early enough for a sunrise!