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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Visit to the new and old in one day La Noria, MX

Another bright sunny day today as was yesterday which was.?.?.? Friday I think. Hard to keep track of time – I have to look at the phone or the computer to be sure. A little over 80 degrees most of the day. And probably will be today too.
We did manage to do a couple of productive things yesterday. Got the propane tank filled. The gas truck comes right here to the campground – and the price of propane like many of the prices here has gone up now a little over US$2.00 a gallon.
And I didn’t wash the curtains – couldn’t get the rods off the hooks – was afraid if I really pushed and pulled I’d break the hooks. So that will have to wait…..too bad.
We took a ride over the new mall just to the east of us. Just before we left here in March we went to the opening of the anchor store Liverpool. A magnificent (expensive) department store. At that time the rest of the mall was under construction. Most of it is open now. To get into the parking lot you have to go through drop down gates and get a ticket. Hummm – pay to park at a mall? So we parked and headed towards the mall. A couple of nice outside restaurants including an Italian place, a Starbucks, a Sushi place and a place that makes big crepes and serves Slurpees. (some how I managed to loose those pictures??)

Inside it is very pretty. The escalators decorated for Christmas.

Heading down one of the long halls. Didn’t realize at first that it was two stories high.
lots of brands we see at any mall at home

The two story Christmas tree.

At the unfinished end of the hall we were surprised to discover that there will be a Sears store as an anchor store. It should open in a month or so.

So after roaming around a while we went back to get the car. We got in and headed for an exit. Whoops there were bars across the top of the exit that were too low for Willie with his antennas to go under. So we turned around hunting for a way out. Then I noticed people coming out of the mall and stopping at machines about the size of an ATM. They stood there for a while, put something in and took something out. Then went to get into their cars. We decided we needed to check them out. They turned out to be where you had to pay for your parking. You put your ticket in – told you how much you owed and gave you back your validated ticket after you paid. Without that you couldn’t get out of the parking lot. That’s a little cheeky – charging you to go shopping. Didn’t set well with either of us. Then we drove around looking for an exit without a low clearance. Finally found one and got out of there. Might not be going back there.
Right across the street is a brand new WalMart. They had not even broken ground for it when we left in March. Of course had to go check it out. Parking was free and ample. It had opened the end of November. Very nice store - the pictures I took of it were some of the one's I guess I accidently deleted. Got a few groceries we needed and headed home again.
After putting our stuff away the day was still young so we headed out to La Noria to see our friends there. It is about 23 miles east into the country.

With all the rain the last few months everything is sure green very different from the previous years.

Just as we were remarking on some of the new potholes in the road we came upon a road crew. Repaving the road.

The new repave went right up to the town of La Noria. And the arch has been repainted too. But the nasty topes are still in town.

Bill and our friend the leather worker, Roberto, discussing the state of the economy. Roberto is glad the cruise ships are starting to return and bring the tourists back.

We weren’t there long so didn’t take many pictures. Besides I’ve taken bunches of pics of La Noria in the past. These are very old wooden shoe forms. The sandals are formed around them.

And just thought this leather purse was cute. (It was in the other leather shop – not Roberto’s.)

Except for another run later in the day to another grocery store – this time Sorianas that was pretty much it for the day. Oh – right next to Sorianas there is a pet store I always like to look in the windows at the puppies for sale. A teeny tiny Chihuahua was there for sale. He looked so lonely! Bill pretty much grabbed me by the arm and was pulling me away as I was making cooing sounds to the puppy. He was so tiny and cute!
Right now Bill is reading his book - with his eyes closed. Can't blame him though. When I got up this morning I found him in the lazy boy in the living room trying to sleep. He says who ever was chasing me in my sleep was sure causing me to make noise. 


  1. That is an interesting map. Do you remember if there is a exit on 15d and the road you traveled? That looks like a better way to get into Mazatlan than going on the outskirts, then back into town.

  2. There is an exit right where this road crosses 15D - in fact it is the exit we always use to get to the campground. It is around either the 11 or 9 KM mark - but you have to really watch for it. There is a sign indicating playas. But then you have to drive right through the whole town of Mazatlan not just the outskirts. But that is the way we always enter and leave Mazatlan in the RV.