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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Wedding and Balloon launch

There was a wedding at El Mirador restaurant yesterday. The set up began about 2:30 the wedding was scheduled to begin at 4. Looking at the restaurant the tables are set in white with turquoise overlay. Some of the attendants are supervising the progress. White paper balloons hung from the ceiling and tiki torches lined the walk. Play areas for the children were set up.
The canopy set up in the sand for the ceremony. Sure glad there was just a breeze and not a wind. Also glad they picked Saturday and not Friday when it rained all day.
The processional begins. Attendants, flower girls – they spread flowers on the path. The boys carrying the pillows for the kneeler for the ceremony and finally the bride and her parents. My photography isn't too hot - trying to get the wedding party and not the guests.

The flower girls – yes Mom has her shoes off – high heels just don’t work in the sand.
Bride and Groom – she made her own dress. She said she actually made two but didn’t quite finish the other one. It was very pretty.
Listening to the minister explaining how they should treat each other. He is really listening.
The minister under the canopy. 
Watching these young boys – from about 9 to 12 or 13. Right now they are serious. Especially the one with his hand in his pocket. Earlier the two youngest were jumping and rolling in the sand! In their good black suits!
Ah boys will be boys. Guess the ceremony got a little boring for them.
Listening to the minister for a bit.  

One of the flower girls. Bride and groom are smiling about something the minister said. See the flowers on the path to the bride and groom.
Another of the flower girls – what a cutie. She is sitting up on a piling posing.
Putting the pillows on the kneeler for this part of the ceremony.
During this part of the ceremony two of the attendants put a joined necklace around the bride and grooms heads.
The bride’s father is talking to the groom.
Check out the footware or lack of it. The one lady was having a heck of a time in her high heels.
This flower girl was handing out the small glass vials of bubble solution. We even got some.
Fancy dressed little girl.
Ceremony is over – the veil was unattached now. Because of the wind or part of the ceremony.
The wind was picking up quite a bit so it is distorting the sound some.

A little later the members of the wedding party were out on the beach at sunset taking pictures. Bride actually went way out almost to the water.
After dark they let up glow balloons. Quite a sight to see. So pretty.
They were blowing east out over the Sea of Cortez. And I imagine could be seen from a long ways away.

Bill with the happy couple. They just gave us one of the center pieces and the table favors. 
It was a beautiful affair. A non-alcoholic wedding, good food and great music. The music was all Christian music. Very mellow but a lot of fun. I’m so glad Bill speaks Spanish and we can enjoy times like this. 

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  1. Beautiful and a lovely experiences, thanks for sharing