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Friday, December 20, 2013

Rainy Days

It has been raining with thunder and lightening all night. Thought it had stopped a while ago but now it is pouring again and just saw some lightening out over the Gulf. Woke me up at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. Finally got up a little after 5. It is almost 8 now and still gray out. And we’re stuck here without a car. I know we wouldn’t have gone anywhere in the rain anyway – but it’s the thought that we can’t that is aggravating. But Bill does have to bum a ride into town sometime today to go to the ATM and the mechanics place to see what the verdict is.  And I guess the painters won’t be here to do the finishing touches. Sure glad we aren’t on any kind of schedule.
Willie leaving behind the mechanic yesterday morning.
Bye Willie – see you later. Not too much later I hope.
So yesterday was a pretty quiet day. Bill got one of his kites out [see it way up at the top] and flew it for awhile but said the wind was too strong to enjoy it.
We took the laundry over to the RV office to have it done. I let it pile up while the painting was going on so didn’t want to do it here. The water pressure here in the campground is low so it takes forever to fill the water tank. Easier all around to have the laundry done. Then we get it back all nice and clean and folded. For only US$6.50.
Said I’d post some before and after pictures of the Alfa. Here is the drivers side before
After - the main difference is the bottom where all the blisters were and now the graphics are painted instead of decals.
And the passenger side before
Forgot to take one of the back.
One of the other RVs left yesterday morning the second one is still here. So there are three of us here now. Really a shame as this is a very nice campground. Has a small hotel a good restaurant and restrooms. Level places either right up at the beach or a row behind that are pull throughs. And now I think the campground’s WiFi is working again. At least I see a new icon with five bars. But it wants a password. Have to wait for the owner to get here to see what it is. He also is thinking about having cable TV brought in. All for US$15 a day.

Bill fixed a great dinner last night – small potatoes with butter and parsley, tomato salad and breaded chicken filet. Yum….always tastes so much better when someone else does the cooking. I did the cleaning. Then just read, played on the computer and listened to music to while away the evening. And listened to the rain and thunder. 

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  1. What a great transformation. I love the new paint colors. Sorry to hear about Willie, when it rains it pours sometimes.
    Love this blog. Its is one of my top 3 I read. Thanks for sharing your journey.