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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day in Mazatlan

Merry Day after Christmas – We had another rain, thunder and lightening storm most (probably only an hour or so but it seemed like a long time) last night. Now the sun is out and the sky is blue.
We spent a quiet day mostly at home yesterday. Did go to the market in the morning and we mostly the only car on the road. Seemed strange – no traffic or horns or whistles blowing.
We did go out to dinner last night to a restaurant right on the beach. La Bruja –The Witch. 
After we got home Bill turned on the TV and much to his delight we can get three or four stations.
While he was watching TV I got a scare with my laptop. Turned it on. It said it was going to install a couple of updates…..then it said ERROR and everything went blue…..oh boy! But then it just said couldn’t install updates and came on and worked fine. It did remind me to back everything up though. I usually do that the end of every month but went ahead and did it last night just in case. This morning everything is working fine.
We have to be out and about today as Bill ordered some bread from the bakery in Centro Historico and we have to pick it up around 10:30. There is supposed to be another cruise ship in today too. I like to tag along behind the tour groups. Learn all kinds of things.

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