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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Stayed mostly inside yesterday

Friday was a day of imposed rest. No car. No laundry to do. No sense cleaning in here as wind was blowing the sand around like crazy. No going outside as it was pouring and thunder and lightening till evening. At one point the wind got so bad we brought the big slide in. And last night was the coldest night we’ve had here and I forgot to turn the little heater on when I went to bed. Well that's not completely truthful - I turned it on but I turned it on to blow cold air not heat.  Brrrr…..
We did borrow the campground owners van and go into town for groceries – wouldn’t you know we really needed some things.And to the ATM. There are two ATMs at the Leys Market. The first one didn't work at all. The second one kind of worked - did everything but give you your money. Luckily the guards [with their big big guns] came in while Bill was fussing with it and they got it to working right.  And we found the mechanic where Willie is – but the mechanic had gone into Navojoa – the closest big town – for some parts. We saw Willie up on the lift though. Enrique, the campground owner came by last night after talking to the mechanic on the phone and told us Willie should be ready for us to pick up Sunday…Until then no plans.
Just realized today is the 21st the first day of Winter no wonder it was so cold last night.
Today there is supposed to be a wedding at the restaurant here in the campground. That should be interesting. 
Going to try to add some videos I’ve taken while we have good Internet service.
One of the diving pelicans - these all have some kind of sound 

The Virgin of Guadalupe procession

And another one – a long one of one of the sunsets here with the music from the restaurant in the background. 

The sun did come out yesterday just in time to set.

And that's it for today folks.


  1. Sorry you're having such a rough time up there. The dividing line for the cold front must be right between us as here in Mazatlan yesterday it was hot and muggy with off and on rain showers throughout the day (but, thankfully, no strong winds). Hopefully, Willie will be ready to roll soon and you can get to some warmer sunny weather!

  2. Nice videos, no weird sounds that I could hear, other than the noise from the wind in your microphone; but that is normal.
    Boy, you guys are brave to borrow the campground owners van, **unless it is plated American or if he was with you** I would be scared to do that in case the cops stopped me, never mind what would have happened if you had an accident. Brave.