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Monday, December 2, 2013

San Jose Church

I was digging around on the Internet and discovered an old church in the little town of San Jose just a few miles inland from Guaymas so off we went to see it.
The inevitable topes going into San Carlos – these remind me of cannon balls with half of them embedded in the pavement.
The main plaza of town with the church. The church was built in 1890 and is still in use.
A closer look at it.
The little side garden with its statue.
The old front doors with the new lock. The church unfortunately was closed. The priest would be by at 5 p.m. to say Misa [mass] He travels from nearby town to town.
Looking inside through one of the windows. What looks like stained glass on the windows is actually something like contact paper.
Found another window that was broken with a piece missing just enough for me to stick my hand and the camera inside to take this. I know - I do feel guilty about doing that but..... Sure wish we could have gone inside. I’d have like to get a good look at the floor.
Bill was talking to a couple who were sitting in the plaza and found out some interesting information about the town. In 2009 Hurricane Jimena destroyed almost the entire town. Around the plaza only the church and one house were left standing. So the homes we were looking at around the plaza are all new.
Except for this one. The only one left partially standing.
A closer look at the original construction with the adobe blocks.
This is the same hurricane that collapsed the roof of the church in Guaymas.
From there we went back into Guaymas and went to Sam’s Club – from one extreme to another – like two different places in time. This is a very complete Sam’s Club – we got croissants, prosciutto and salami. Just like Christmas.
Then home for some housekeeping. Or reading or napping. What ever.
Went out to dinner at La Palapa Griega again. The evening was warm with no wind so we enjoyed the outside dining at the beach.
Other than that it was a quiet day in a beautiful country.
This morning doing a load of laundry while Bill is still hunting for music on his computer and putting it into playlists.

Later we might go into Guaymas to go to the Central Market and the Shell House [read about it don't know if it still exists or not] if we can find it.  

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  1. It is great how you seek out all the interesting to places to visit wherever you are.
    Great you take others along to enjoy what you have found