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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Walking, Cooking, Remembering

Got cool here last night – even I was pulling the bedspread back up over me by morning. And wouldn’t you know we have plans to go out tonight to the Plazuela Machado to have dinner with friends and listen to our friend Rafael Rodriguez sing and play and watch the people dancing. Hope it doesn’t get cool too early. And looking at the weather report we might get some more rain during the coming week.
Every morning I wonder if the TelCel stick will work. We still have plenty of GBs left but our 30 days are way gone. We’re into our 37th day. Well when it stops working we’ll just have to make a trip into the TelCel place and get more time. I know it can be done online but not quite sure how. Rather have them do it.
We pretty much stayed at the Alfa yesterday. Took a short drive into town then came home. Bill had to make up for the sleep he lost during the night. I pretty much read and played with the laptop. Discovered a couple of things I didn’t know about Mazatlan so we’ll have to go check them out one day.
Bill cooked his famous tiny potatoes

And then he fixed chicken picata for dinner. I’m so spoiled.
Have a load of laundry in and just got back from a walk around the campground and over to the beach. Sure are a lot of different interesting plants here in the RV park. Going to have to go back out with the camera later. That is something we both need to do more of – walking…exercise…It is almost 9 a.m. and I am soaking wet from our walk – the heat really gets to me. Sometimes the temperatures at home are appealing.
This is a bad day for us – neither one of us has mentioned it but I know we’re both thinking about our middle son, John. He died in an accident seven years ago today. He was 41 … Some years it is harder than others… Funny when he was alive we didn’t think about him that much. Guess we just thought he’d always be there if we wanted to talk to him.

Time to fold the laundry.  Nuts! I forgot to take my watch off when I took my shower!!  Hope it is water proof. I asked Bill if I had to buy a new watch here would it tell me Mexican time or US time. Should have seen the look he gave me - I WAS JUST KIDDING!

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  1. So sorry to learn about your loss. It is the most un natural thing to outlive your child.

    The little potatoes look amazing! I think. I'll make some tiday as well.