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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Ship Came In

“How high’s the snow Mama? Seven inches and rising.” Still cold [highs at 31F] at home and they are expecting another inch or two of snow overnight. I need to quit complaining because I have to put on long sleeves for an hour in the morning. Getting up to the low 70s midday here in San Carlos but going down to mid 50s at night. Poor us.
Today a cruise ship came into Guaymas and there were supposed to be all kinds of things going on downtown. So away we went to see what we could see and do.
Going down the road into town we got behind this cloud of smoke – glad he turned off. We truly couldn’t see what it was until we caught up with him. In the NASCAR races when a car does that it can’t keep running.
Lots of policemen all over town. Every corner had one with a whistle directing traffic. We made very sure we understood his commands. Didn’t want a repeat of last year. (See last years post http://lifeinbrowncounty.blogspot.mx/2012/11/day-spent-in-guaymas.html) Also lots of cruise ship tourists walking around town - how could we tell? Shorts, t-shirts and cameras. More about that later.
We drove around to the Malecón and found a place to park then walked back towards the crowds. A lot of musicians and food vendors.
There was a stage set up with Sonora Yaki Indians performing. Stopped to watch them for a while. The lower part of their pants legs were encased in shells.
He is dancing with the gourds that rattle. His accompaniment is the flute and drum.
Another look at the outfit.
A short video of the music and dancing.

Walking on down the Malecón we came to the vendor stands. This one was selling beautifully embroidered pillows, purses and blouses.
Especially liked this apron. It should be framed not worn for cooking.
Some of the other things for sale. See the guy walking in the brown coat.
He was selling candied apples.
There was a group of women making and selling tortillas. This machine has something to do with either the grinding the corn or forming the tortilla. The lady behind it with the white kerchief on her head is working with the dough and forming the tortillas. Had to laugh when her cell phone and she reached into her pocket, took it out and answered it.
After the tortillas were made they were cooked on the barrel in the middle. The wood was burning making the metal plate on top hot enough to cook the tortilla.
The second barrel had a big pot of something cooking on it. Smelled like meat and onions and spices. It went on top of the tortilla.
Discussing who would do what? Or maybe just talking about the tourists.
It was kind of funny watching the people from the cruise ship. Evidentially they figured that they were going to Mexico and it would be warm. NOT. Several of them looked cold in their t-shirts, shorts and sandals. It was about 67F with a brisk breeze off the water.
He put some thought into this food cart. Part motorcycle and part food cart. He was selling hot corn cut off the cob put into a container with butter, mayonnaise, cheese and hot sauce if you wanted it. Sounded good until the hot sauce.
Almost fell over this metal tube sticking out of the walkway. The wires didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Just stuck together with electrical tape.
After the Yaki Indians finished their dancing there was going to be Folkloric dancing. One of the girls in her pretty dress.
These kids were waiting to perform. And boys with be boys – they were thinking about going down to the water but better heads prevailed.
Another group waiting to dance. More pretty dresses. Some of the boys were carrying wooden rifles for their part in the performance.
We left before the dancing started so don’t have any pictures of it. 
Sure hope the tourists were happy and everything went fine so the ships keep coming back.
Didn’t do much else rest of day – read and napped so I’ll be up late tonight. 


  1. Thanks for all of the pictures of things planned just to get tourist dollars. Where did the ship dock? Right down town? I don't know if the harbor is deep enough there. I would like to have seen a picture of the ship. If it was a large one, it would have dominated the skyline downtown.

  2. Phil, yes the harbor is deep enough, Guaymas is one of the biggest ports in Mexico and ships goods all over the world. There is a special dock for the cruise ships. It is east of centro a ways and the passengers are entertained as they leave the ship and are then bused to their various tours or just into centro.
    This ship the Statendam had around 1200 passengers and close to 500 staff on it this trip.

  3. It was so cold we stayed home and laughed at the photos of the tourists in their shorts. They must have been frozen.

    1. Thanks for answering Phil - I wasn't sure how to answer him.

  4. No problem, I thought you might not know.
    The Christmas tree with red and yellow lingerie on it is for New Years Eve. The tradition is that you wear red underwear if you want to find love in the New year or you wear yellow if you want to get money in the new year, or is it the opposite lol? It is just a new years thing anyway. There are tons of things that you are supposed to do just before midnight so you have good luck or whatever you want in the new year.
    The blockade at Vicam is because the governor was instrumental in building a water pipeline to the capital city of Hermosillo and the people are afraid that the big city is going to suck up all their needed water. The blockade has various hours for the trucks to go through; but they seem to allow private vehicles through all the time. The highway from Guaymas to Obregon is horrible, glad to hear they are finally repaving some of it. Have fun in Huatambampito.