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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mechanic and a wedding

Saturday morning the sun was shinning brightly and the day warmed up nicely. Which was a good thing because there was a wedding on the beach at the restaurant. More about that later.
And before I forget the back end of the Alfa with its new bottom paint.
This morning again the sun is up and not a cloud in the sky and no wind either. So should warm up nice. 
Twice yesterday Enrique, the campground owner, showed up at the door calling for Bill. The mechanic had called him and had him relay the message that he needed to see Bill at his shop. He would be there at 12:30. So again we borrowed Enrique’s van and went into town. We got to the shop a little early so had to wait for Rafael, the mechanic. Did get a glimpse of poor Willie still up on lifts.
Bill looking into the Taller Mechanico. No the mechanic isn’t taller than the rest of the mechanics. Taller simply means shop.
While Bill was looking at Willie I was watching a man on a motorcycle coming up the center of the road. The mechanic? Yep he pulled up next to us. Meet Rafael.
Showing Bill the broken part.
Oops – that crack shouldn’t be there. Nothing to do with the work we had done on the transmission last year. This was an original part of the car.
The second call was a request for money for another part – we had to meet Rafael again and he had to go into Navojoa to get the part. But the car is still supposed to be done by today - this afternoon. We’ll see.
Meanwhile back at the beach the restaurant was getting all decorated for the wedding. It ended up we were invited to join in. 
Table favors. The tubes have bubble solution in them. Bubbles were spread instead of rice. 
An amazing evening. I took so many pictures and videos I would have to blog for hours – I want to share all of them but I’ll try to condense things. So I'm going to do two blogs today - this one and then later one about the wedding.

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