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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fishing, Sunsets and Preparing for Painting

I took a walk down the beach yesterday morning while the painters were working on Alfie. Found the owner of the RV park El Mirador RV & Hotel out in the gulf fishing. He puts his net out every night and goes out in the morning to see what he has caught. 
 In this picture you can just see the net as he holds it up to check it out. 
 Looking up at the coconuts in one of the tall palm trees.
 Almost a full house - just one seat left - hurry hurry.
Stayed home all day yesterday watching the painters and playing with the seagulls. Bill did that - I read and figured out how to download books from B&N into my nook without a regular WiFi connection - using the TelCel - tricky but managed. Now hope I can remember how I did it. 
Then weird the TelCel lost all connection for a while. Working great now. 
Fixed hamburgers for dinner last night and then went out to watch the beautiful sunset. Seems like each day it is better than the last. 
waiting for Bill and his cookies

The camera doesn't do it justice sometimes. 
How the work is progressing on Alfie - the blisters sanded down and covered over
the basement doors blistered not the body of the coach

ready for painting
all taped off and ready to go
The painters are here and ready to get started. I would think we'd have to pull the slides in so everything is ready to do that. By this afternoon Alfie will have a whole new look. The whole bottom will be painted as it would be impossible to match the 10 year old white of the body......Luckily right now the wind isn't blowing - hope it stays that way. And then tomorrow [I think] the graphics will be painted on.

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