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Thursday, December 19, 2013

We only eat flowers from now on - sayeth Bill

Thursday morning and where to begin. Yesterday was just “one of those days” for us – mainly for The Driver! But back to today. IT IS RAINING! – Where did that come from? One minute we have sun the next big black clouds. Once during the night I thought I heard rain then decided I must be dreaming. Nope it was rain. ON OUR NEW PAINT! Couldn’t have waited another couple of days.
We will be here in Huatabampito for a while yet. Kind of unexpected. Willie, poor Willie came to an abrupt halt on the way back from town yesterday. Meanwhile I’m at the RV wondering where he is. And to make matters worse the painter he had taken into town came back in an old truck. What the hay? Luckily the other camper here speaks Spanish so went to find out what was going on. You can imagine all the things going through my mind! Well Willie, the Jeep started making terrible noises and didn’t want to move without spinning his wheels. They tried pulling him with the old truck but it didn’t have enough umph to do it. 
The owner of the RV park was getting in his car to go get Bill just as he and Willie showed up. The Driver managed to finally coax him back to the campground where a mechanic was called and came right out. Hum….surgery needed. Willie will be towed into shop this morning. Not positive but could be the transmission torque converter. No sense getting excited about it. Could have been worse we could be stuck in the snow somewhere! Sure glad jeeps are popular cars in Mexico – they are made here so there are a lot of them around.
I’m complaining about a little rain and they are having a heat wave at home – going to be in the upper 40s for a few days. Hope everyone gets a chance to thaw out.
But back to the painting. The Alfa is done – the painters are coming back Friday – tomorrow to do a couple of touch ups and some finishing work. Yesterday the graphics were done. Taping for the graphics. 
Bill doing his part.
Priming the graphics
Painting the graphics
Taking all the tape and paper off

Finished. I need to take a picture with the sun out…..
But back to yesterday – it wasn’t bad enough the Jeep got sick. For the painters Bill had unhooked the sewer hose to get it out of their way. So last evening he hooked it back up [or so he thought – see where this is going?] and pulled the lever to empty it……….with the rush of water the hose came off and all the lovely water went all over Bill……His shoes and pants are now in the washer as I write. He says from now on all we can eat is flowers! In the 40 years we’ve been RVing I think this is the first time that has happened. All in all he says it was a shitty day yesterday.
So to make him feel better I fixed him a real nice dinner – chicken breast smothered in artichoke, onions, and sun dried tomatoes and angel hair pasta. Least I could do.

There are now two other RVs in here – neither look really settled in. Today we're going to take the laundry to be done. I let it pile up while the painting was going on so it will be nice to get it back all clean and folded. 
Will post before and after pic of Alfie later when the sun comes out so I can get a good one.