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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A half a cabinet?

Good very early morning. We spent the first night in the house last night. Both on the futon – actually it was pretty comfortable. 
I woke up before the crack of dawn and got up. Bill is still sleeping. We had a busy day yesterday and I just forgot to post though I spent half of the day on the laptop and/or the phone.
It has been a scorcher here the last few days. So we have almost completely moved out of the Alfa. Just keep going back there to get things we’ve forgotten. Will probably put it in storage Thursday.
Night before last I happened to look out the window as it neared sundown. Not spectacular but kind of pretty.

The big rain storm that passed through here late last week did more damage than we knew about until we’ve been able to watch some local news. In Henderson it took down 24 power poles which left a lot of people without electricity. Also did some damage near Sam Boyd Stadium – that is not far from us. But now we are wishing for rain. It was up over 111 yesterday and low for the night 86 set a record for the highest low for the day ever. All I can say is I’m sure glad Bill is feeling so much better here – no signs of allergies or breathing problems at all. But now it is too hot for him to go out in the garage and work. It is driving him nuts.
Yesterday was a day to catch up on all things important. Getting the new bank accounts up and running, paying bills and changing credit card info, call for installation appointments for Internet and Direct TV.  
We were also waiting for two deliveries. One from a local furniture store of a really nice cabinet for the dining room. When it got here there was only one box, though it was clearly labeled “1 of 2” Driver didn’t have box 2. Called the store. The clerk who answered my call looked everything up and said – No there is only supposed to be one box, That is all that is on the manifest. “But there are two boxes. We only got the shelving and doors. The tall side and back pieces that make up the cabinet aren’t here.” She said she’d call us back. After waiting a couple of hours I called them. She said – get this – “that is all we paid for. She’d send the other box but we would have to be charged for it.” “WHAT! We did not just buy half a cabinet. We bought the whole cabinet. We paid the price that was on the cabinet.”
Well that was the wrong price. She’d tracked down the salesperson and he had marked the cabinet wrong and only charged us for one box. Excuse me? We paid the marked price and want the whole thing. Or they can come pick it up. We hung up on that. I called back a little while later and was told the clerk was trying to talk to the store manager. So guess we’ll go over there today and see what can be done. We like the cabinet but we think we should get it for the priced it was marked. Fun and games.
The cabinet as it should look. We did not get the sides or back....
Later in the day our entertainment set was delivered. All three pieces of it thank goodness. We – Bill – got two of the pieces together.
It will have another tall piece on the other side – maybe by later today.
The patio cover and awning I thought were supposed to be done today in fact will be put up next Tuesday. The shed we are supposed to get is waiting for a crane to deliver it…and the kitchen cabinet knobs are still waiting to be delivered. And we haven’t heard from the trucker about our furniture – they said Monday or Tuesday…It’s too hot to do any work anyway.
I lined most of the cabinets in the kitchen with Rubbermaid. Nice and easy and pretty. But decided to do the linen and laundry room cabinets with contact paper. Now I remember why I started using Rubbermaid. I HATE contact paper. It won’t stick to the new paint but sticks to everything else. Especially itself. Remembered some words I’d forgotten.

Here is the sun coming up over the mountains behind us this morning. 

Maybe I'll actually cook dinner tonight. 


  1. That is just pure stupidity!!!
    And I hate contact paper!!!

    1. were getting cabinet for what we paid for it. and I will never use contact paper again!

  2. You might think about getting a swamp cooler for the garage so Bill can work out there when it's hot...they work great in the desert. We had one in our garage when my husband was alive so he could tinker on his jeeps. In fact that's all I have for cooling in my house, 2 on the roof. Glad everything is moving along and Bill feels better in the desert. And I hate contact paper, too! Won't use it.

  3. The swamp cooler is a neat idea and ditto the contact paper!