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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Busy getting nothing done

Time goes by quickly when you're having fun, or not having fun what ever the case might be. As you can imagine we are busy putting things away. And then moving them to a different place. We have most of the boxes we got unpacked - except for the ones that have things that go into or on the stuff we don't have yet. Nope we don't know when it will be showing up.
Today the weather will be cool - under 100 degrees - well relatively cool. It "might" rain today and/or tomorrow so there is lots of cloud cover keeping us a little cooler.
Bill was up early, as was I, and he is out working in the garage. Building counters, shelves and setting up his tools.
it is so good to see him busy and active and being able to breathe easy. 
We are hoping we'll get the promised shed today so we can get some of the boxes - the Christmas stuff - out there and out of the way. Weren't we lucky, we got six boxes of Christmas decorations but no pots and pans or underwear! I've been trying to get stuff out of the living/dining room and into a closet. Not any help really, just looks better in the living area that way.
I am finding some of my knick knacks and getting them out on the entertainment center. Just adding some color to the room. 
Sunday we watched a couple of soccer games between doing things. It is so much easier to just sit and stare at the TV then to open and sort things and wonder where to put them.
Yesterday I had a doctors appointment with a specialist I'd been to when we lived here before. Didn't get to see him but was poked and prodded and tested. Have to go back again next Thursday for another test AND THEN on September 28th I'll get to see THE DOCTOR and he will let me know if he can do anything for me. Now isn't he special! Actually he is so that is why I'm willing to wait. Nothing serious just uncomfortable.
Just talked to the movers - they are trying to locate a truck to bring the rest of our stuff...hope it is soon. 

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