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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Old Farts on the Loose. Look out Las Vegas

Another gray and cloudy day here in Vegas, not supposed to get quite so hot here today either. Yesterday afternoon the wind picked up, the sky got dark and a gnarly storm moved through part of the town. We were out on our way to the store and were watching the lightening south of us. You can see where it is raining – over Henderson. Just missed a lightning bolt that really sizzled.
looks like the Midwest not Vegas 
Looking out the window towards Henderson now it looks like it might be raining there again. I know we are getting “flash flood” alerts on our phones.
We were told – but are skeptical – that the house should be ready by Monday. The inside anyway. Cupboards, floors and appliances. They will still need to put the patio cover up and the awning in the front. That would be good, we could start scheduling deliveries then.
I just love moving and everything involved in it. I called the movers yesterday afternoon to see when we could schedule delivery…Got the company, pressed “2” for delivery. “Hello” “Um is this where I schedule a delivery?” “What’s your job number?”  “It’s ######.”  “Okay we got your payment the deliveries scheduled. I’ll have them call you.”
What? How can they schedule a delivery when they don’t have an address? Is running through my mind. “They’ll call you right back – give me your phone number.” And here is where I made a mistake. We’d just got our home phone with a new number – and idiot me – that is the number I gave him. “They’ll call you.” Hang up. Bill looked at me – what? “Why’d you give him that number? Now we have to stay near that phone.” He was right – I should have given him the cell phone – just drew a blank. So I called them back. No answer. Waited to see if we got a call back. Nope so I called them again. Went to voice mail. We’re closed until Monday morning…Well sh**! Sure hope the stuff isn’t on a truck wandering around who knows where.
Now to the new phone. Neither Bill nor I hear real well on a cell phone so we wanted a “real phone’ Picked one up yesterday and got our LV number. It is a wireless phone so we can use it in the RV until we move into the house. Really easy to hear over. Has a speaker and an answering machine feature. 
Came with lots of instructions on how to set it up. Got date, time and put in friends numbers without problem. But when it came to setting up the answering machine part of it – could not get that. I tried, Bill tired, we both tried together, one reading directions, one pushing phone buttons.
We finally got a message recorded, but it surprised us so Bill fumbled the number so we couldn’t use it. Okay so now we know how to do it, let’s rerecord it. Nope couldn’t get back into the program. CRAP. Kept fooling with it and managed to do another recording this time of me. I got the number out okay but was laughing so hard I forgot to push “5” to end recording.  Well finally we went back to Verizon and had them program the answering machine. And put the message in. So now we have a very deep voiced man give our message. Of course he was holding the phone to put the message in. When it was done we thanked them and went home. Where I discovered we didn’t have the phone, it was still at the store. Back we went to pick it up. Guess they probably had a good laugh about us “old farts.”
So this morning I’m watching the truck race then going over to the house to see what is done. Race is over and Kyle Busch WON – he is on a roll. While I was watching the race the Alfa was getting washed. Really needed it.
We went out to lunch with our son and daughter-in-law – the ones who do the signalongs. Very nice afternoon.
Would you believe that it is only 88 degrees in Las Vegas at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. And sprinkling. And humid!

Went over to the house and nothing has been done since last time we saw it. So definitely will not be done by Monday. Oh well – what’s another day or two. 


  1. Hi: One of these days you will have to update paragraph under "WELCOME.' Where it says "we are back in Brown Canyon after our 8th winter in Mexico."
    Are you planning on spending a 9th winter in Mexico? You are a lot closer, so it will be an easier trip. But winter in the Southwest isn't that bad, either.

  2. I meant Brown County, not Brown Canyon. Sorry.