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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Furniture - at some of it.

Every day more and more gets done. Thank goodness. Got over to the house early and the contractor was already there. Most things in the house are done. Waiting for two thresholds between rooms – vinyl to wood. They have been ordered. Today the garage walls got painted. And the locks got changed – yes we now have keys.
The living room furniture arrived right when they said it would. We got a sofa, love seat, leather recliner, two end tables and a coffee table, and two lamps. It doesn’t really show in the pictures but the material is a lighter beige. We just threw an old Mexican blanket over it to keep it clean while working there.
Bill almost fell asleep in his chair.
Our dining room table and chairs came in the early afternoon. The table has a leaf that isn’t in it.
The kitchen with the cupboard doors on.

I spent part of the day lining the cupboards but ran out of liner. I have a lot of it in with our furniture shipment – still no delivery date for it.
Today we get the computer desks and the futon. And next week we’ll get a nice entertainment center. All of the above have to be put together!
Later in the day J C Penny’s called our blinds were in so we went over to pick them up. Well they were almost right – most of the blinds were in. One set wasn’t there. They’ll call us when they locate it. They also have to be installed.
The exterior of the house is going to be painted – kind of an earthy tone with white trim. They’ll do this before putting up the front awning and back patio cover.

Now we will have to add some color to the rooms. But will wait to see what we brought with us. 
Going to us my washer and dryer today - have lots of laundry and might as well do it there as pay to do it in the RV park. It'll help pass time between deliveries. 


  1. Looking good. Are you going to put door knobs on the kitchen doors and drawers?

  2. QUICK! Get somebody to change the door hinges on the refrigerator while you still have help around. You don't want to dodge those doors the rest of your life.

  3. I totally love your new home. I especially love the white kitchen.