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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Where oh where is our furniture and our mail?

Today is going to be a great day! Either I got up early enough or it isn’t too hot out yet. Actually have a window open to let in some fresh air. And we really don’t have anything we “have” to do. There are a few things we hope happen though.
Yesterday was another busy day. And another hot day – car thermometer said 111 at one point when we were out running around. First thing in the morning we tried getting ahold of the moving company. Always a delightful experience. First try – no one answered phone. Then finally got ahold of same outstanding employee we talked to on Friday. Push 2 – “Lo?”  me, “I am trying to schedule a delivery of my furniture. I talked to you on Friday.” “Um. Oh yeah. Dispatch will call you.” “When will they call me.” “In a few minutes.” “That’s what you said on Friday. This is Monday.” “I got your information they’ll call you.” Hang up.  So we did a few things around here then – no return call – so we called back. This time pushing 3 for dispatch. Another enthused employee answered phone.  Me “I’m trying to find out when I can get my furniture delivered. My job ####.” “Oh yah, to Nevada right?” “Right. Can you tell me what is going on?” “It’s scheduled for delivery.” Me “Oh. To where? We never gave you an address where to deliver it.” “Um we’ll call you back in a few minutes.” “No, no wait – we have to give you the right phone number to call us back on (correcting my mistake of Friday when I gave them the new house phone) He read back the new number. “ No not that one please use this one – gave him cell phone. “Okay, what about the 812-988**** number?” “NO – we don’t live there any more.” “Oh okay. Someone will call you right back.” Click. Unprintable words going through mind. Waited – and got a call back. Bill’s turn to talk to them. A woman we’d talked to before. She would send us a form we had to fill out and return to her before we could schedule delivery. “Um, where are you going to send it?” “I’ll email it to you at – she gave Bill’s email address. “No, wait – that email isn’t working send it to – gave her my email address.” “Okay I’ll do it right now. Fill it out and send it back.” 
Got it, of course it went to spam – but we were watching for it. Hit reply and filled it out. A few minutes later we called her to make sure she had it. All okay. “I have it. Someone will call you when the delivery is ready.” “When will that be?” “We have to find a truck that will do it. Someone will call and let you know.” End of conversation. Do we know when we’ll get our furniture? No…according to their form it could take up to 21 days. WE ARE NEVER MOVING AGAIN.
But then we don’t actually have a place to put the furniture if it does show up this week. No work got done on the house over the weekend. So we went to talk to the park manager. She got on the phone with the contractor. Finally got a “for sure” promise of everything inside will be done by Thursday night. And we got to pick out our new carpet. Today they are supposed to be putting down the wood flooring in the living, dining, kitchen, and hall areas. And because all of this is taking longer than anticipated – we will not have to start paying park rent until next month.
After leaving there we went to Office Max and bought our computer desks and hutches – they were on sale for almost half price. They will be delivered next Tuesday. But…now we have to find someone to assemble them. To get them assembled by Office Max would cost an extra 300 dollars! We know we can put them together but we don’t want too.
Also went to General Delivery to see if we had any mail. We did – notices from the USPS that our mail address had been changed to General Delivery. Okay. Now we’re going to change it again. Meanwhile any mail that was sent within the last month is still in the great unknown.
Extended our stay at the RV park until the 13th. Had to pay full price for the space now though. But still cheaper than anywhere else here. Hopefully by then we can pull up to the house, unload it and put it in storage. Today we’re waiting for the service guy again. Need new batteries – ouch to the pocketbook. And again we can’t get water without the pump working. The old boy – Alfa – is starting to show his age. I wonder if RVs have a comparable life like dog years?
Maybe we’ll go to the Organization Store – it’s in a real neat new shopping center. Other than that no plans. 


  1. Ann, I'm wondering if this moving company is going to hold your possessions "hostage", and you won't be able to get them without paying some sort of "ransom". There have been horror stories of companies doing all sorts of things with people's furniture. I don't want to tell you what to do, but I'd be really, really, REALLY concerned about the runaround you're getting.

    1. It is a country wide major moving company, but I suspect we will have problems with them when they deliver. Seems like most moving companies change the rules mid move.

  2. Oh what a pain all of this has been for you. On my last move it was only 2 houses down from my old one and it was still tramautic . Try to just take a deep breath and and remember this to shall pay. Also a big Marguarita might help.

    1. I've got a new bottle of Chocolate Wine ready for when we can sit in a chair in our new living room and relax.

  3. I would start checking on who to call if they won't unload until you give them an extra and big payment. You could be dealing with a big, major company, but at this point you will be dealing with the local agent. I'd try and find out who licenses home movers in Nevada, and have the cell phone number of one of their investigators. And get ready to take a video on your cell phone.