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Saturday, August 22, 2015

WTH - such is life.

For a day that started out so good...
We got up early and folded up the futon. Then went out to breakfast so we'd have energy for the day. Right on time the movers called and said they were 20 minutes out. Whoppie! We met them at the gate - and COULDN"T GET THE GATE TO OPEN. Bill had to go to main office to get someone to open the gate from there.
The truck in front of the house.
Four guys and the driver. First he wanted his money, of course. No problem it has been waiting for him. He asked for exactly the amount he was due. Then they started unloading. And unloading etc. Boxes after boxes. Unfortunately the shed we were promised isn't here yet so there are now lots of boxes in the garage too. They're waiting for a crane to move it.
Some of the boxes. The bottom one on left, the green one, is the cabinet that isn't together yet. 
Some of the stuff in the bedroom. 
And lots of stuff in computer room. 
A couple of hours later the guys said, "that's it the truck is empty." "WHAT?"
"Where is our bed, our dressers, my sewing machine etc. etc.?" OOPS. Quick call. "Oh, well there is another whole crate still in Columbus." Quite a bit of discussion followed. We were assured the company would expedite the rest of the delivery. We would hear from them on Monday and Yes, The delivery was paid in full. There is nothing I can think of to say that is printable.
And so continues my post for today...Some where the moving gremlins are laughing. Our furniture - including our BED is still in Columbus, IN. All our boxes are here though. Oops - there was a full big crate that didn't get loaded into the truck.
Oh well, it will give us time to get some things put away. We did get our mattress  -  so we can get off the futon. Of course once down on the mattress on the floor we may never be able to get back up
off the floor. I did find sheets and pillows and the pillow shams. So did a load of laundry and we will sleep on the mattress tonight.
Spent most of the rest of the day unpacking our stuff. Bill has his computer all set up. Mine is still in the box. Tomorrow is another day.
Under all the pictures is my beading table. Guess it will go in the "small" room.
Cooked some Italian Sausage to snack on and watched the NASCAR race in the afternoon. I think #18 led the most laps but he finished 8th - had a speeding penalty on pit row. Shouldn't make that kind of mistake.
Tomorrow we'll keep unpacking and trying to figure out where to put things. Especially in the kitchen. I've already re re arranged the cupboards three times. So far only 2 broken glasses, 1 broken dish and a piece of pottery.
I bid the gremlins a good night. May they smile on us Monday.

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  1. Some adventure,eh! It can't get worse, only better.