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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tis rather Warm today

I’m writing this this morning from the Alfa. About 8:30 last night we decided we didn’t want to spend the night at the house so we loaded up [laptop, mifi and phones] and came back to the RV. After the sun goes done it does cool off a little so we can sleep here. Why did we leave the house? Our choices were sleeping on the small futon together or one of us sleep on the couch and the other on the futon. Hum… Back to the Alfa.
We did a silly thing yesterday. The house was so quiet and we didn’t really have anything to keep us busy so we headed out to Best Buy and bought a TV and a digital antenna. With the antenna we get the local major channels and lots of Spanish channels and some really strange channels. So at least we can waste some time with it. 
this wall is where the entertainment center we got will go - when it gets put together
I’m going to call Direct TV tomorrow and see how we can arrange to get our service working. All our receiver boxes are with our furniture so not sure how we can do it. Today we had to stay in the RV until early afternoon so I could watch the NASCAR race. #18 came in 11th after starting dead last. Not bad. [later in the day] Here is Bill in the RV during the race. He figured out how to get the breeze from the fan to blow right under his shirt.
his belly isn't really that big  - it is the camera angle - he made me say that
And it is supposed to be 110 here today. But it got hotter than that. Taken in the Jeep when we left the RV to go to the house. I think the weather got carried away a little. 
Something else we saw on the way to the house. Notice that his suspenders disappear under him. Poor little bike. Before the light changed the bike quit running and he had to push it out of the street. I don't blame it for quitting. 
It is so nice to have the blinds up on the windows. They sure look nice. Now we just have to get some window dressings. We have the curtains and drapes for the living room, just haven’t put them up yet.
the small room
And our computer desks. I am using mine right now. We are bringing stuff from the Alfa here to the house every trip we make.

this one is mine
I was asked about where the house is. We are right on the outskirts of Las Vegas not far from Henderson. In fact Henderson is where we go to do our shopping etc.

Our house backs up to the Wetlands – a protected preserve. And behind it is the desert and the mountains. Unobstructed view for us.

We will go back to the Alfa again tonight to sleep but have to be back here early in the morning for a couple of deliveries. Enjoying the AC here in the house while I can. 


  1. Let's see 119 in Vegas 75 in Indiana. Even the house with no air is 74

  2. Next you will need a desk chair with wheels. I love mine. Your desks look super.

    1. our chairs along with the rest of our furniture is somewhere between here and Indiana. some day we'll be settled.