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Sunday, August 2, 2015

I really should start cooking again - someday

A quiet day today. As usual we went out to breakfast – It is just too hot to cook here in the RV and I am too lazy. After breakfast we stopped at a Lowes and Bill bought some things he will need when we move into the house. Then we stopped by the house and unloaded the all the stuff from the back of the Jeep. And the stuff we got at Lowes. Put it in one of the bathrooms as they don’t have any work to be done in them. Of course, it being the weekend no one was working. So we still don’t know when we can start scheduling deliveries. Hopefully by the end of the week. Our time here at the 1000 Trails campground is up on Aug 6 which is Thursday. With any luck they’ll let us stay a few more days. Otherwise we’ll have to go to another RV park until we can move in.
We left Indiana 22 days ago – so we’ve actually got a lot done in a short time. I guess I shouldn’t be frustrated that things aren’t moving faster.
We were talking to the manager of the Park where we’re moving and she was telling us to watch out for the – get this – raccoons! NO – not raccoons. And coyotes and rabbits. In Las Vegas? Yep we will be right up against the protected wet lands and the mountains. So guess we’ll prepare for wildlife visitors.
Watched the NASCAR race today. Bad day for Kyle – he was leading the race and ran out of gas about ½ a mile from finish line. Ended up finishing 21st so he is still not high enough in points to make the chase, but is now only 13 points away. I really dislike fuel mileage races. About six or seven cars ran out right at the end.
Well the videos on the laptop have gone to a green screen again. As soon as we are moved in and I have my PC set up this is going to Best Buy to get fixed once and for all. No way it’s a virus causing it. There has to be something wrong with the driver.

The clouds and cool weather from yesterday has gone. Bright blue sky, puffy clouds and 100+ temperatures today. 

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