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Friday, August 28, 2015

Full moon rising.over The Wetlands

I started writing this this morning but will finish it now in the evening. I want to share the moon rise with everyone.
Funny how the little, insignificant things in life can irritate you. Now that I’m using my PC again instead of the laptop I’m having to learn both the keyboard and the programs all over again. The keys like delete and end are in different places and I’m back using Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. something and my old version of Office. So another relearning process going on. Surprisingly I’ve discovered I like a couple of the functions of Windows 8.? and miss them in 7. I think I have everything transferred off the laptop on to the PC, but will wait a couple of days before putting the laptop in the cupboard.
It is really nice to have the Internet - unlimited data I can just browse and browse looking for things I think I want or need. And it is much faster than the MiFi. Though not as fast as I wanted. We don’t live in a “really fast Internet” area. Maybe someday.
I had a different experience the other day - one that kind of made me mad. Went to Bed, Bath and Beyond in Henderson, NV to do some shopping. Bought a couple of storage baskets for the freezer, a bath mat and a set of sheets for our bed - if we ever get it. The sheets were not cheap but I had a coupon so figured I’d use it. When I got to the check out the clerk unzipped the plastic around the sheets and stuck her hand in the package and felt around for quite a while - making sure there was nothing hidden in the package. REALLY! Kind of insulted me. In a Bed, Bath and Beyond in Henderson? I questioned her and she said, “Well you never know. Sometimes kids stick things in there.” Kids? Did she see any kids with me? Kind of left a sour taste.
Kind of makes one wonder what society is coming to.
Bill was working in his garage again this morning while it was still relatively cool out there. He is getting a lot done. Has shelves and counters on three sides. And still has wood left.
While he was working out there I was putting some of my piggy collection out in the kitchen.
We had to go to “the other side” of town today. To pick up some mail from our son’s office and Bill wanted to go to his favorite store “Harbor Freight.” So off we went. He found what he was looking for at the tool store, we got our mail and then ran a couple more errands. Later in the afternoon we started putting “the cabinet” together. Got it about half done. The sucker is heavy - don’t know if we’ll be able to stand it up.
I also got a call from the doctor’s office. They discovered I have an infection so am now on antibiotics. Funny, I asked them yesterday if anything showed up from Monday. They said no, so I was surprised when they called today. Oh well.

On the way home from the pharmacy noticed the full moon rising and the pretty sunset. Just some pictures of the moon and the sunset. 
looking west towards the front of our house

looking east over our back fence

beautiful desert evening

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