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Friday, August 21, 2015

Our stuff will be here tomorrow

I've kept busy today with watching racing. From 6:30 this morning till now. Well not quite all that time. But there was practice and qualifying and a race, which Kyle won in the next to last lap. 
Here is our patio set. Not fancy but just something to go and sit on and maybe eat a few meals out there too when it cools down some. Speaking of which, today was cooler than it has been. Thank goodness. 
And here is how our drapes look. Really like them. We just have five more windows that need finishing touches. I have a blanket over the couch until we finish all the stuff around here. I like to sit with my feet curled up under me - so trying to keep it clean until I become a lady again. 
 While I was watching TV Bill was busy in the garage starting to set it up the way he wants it. It was cool enough out there this morning for him to work. 
 At least a few things are off the floor where he can use them easier. 
And bright and early this morning the Internet installer came. So we are now off the MiFi and on to unlimited and I hope faster Internet service. Between racing I finished using up that horrid contact paper by lining some more shelves. 
But the best part of today was the call from the movers. Our stuff will be here tomorrow morning between 8 and 12. Probably around 8:30! So we will be busy busy for a few days until we get some kind of order around here. 
Will try to post but might not get it done. 

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