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Friday, August 7, 2015

Getting frustrated

Still managing to keep busy. Strange day here today. Cooler – in mid 90s but with humidity at 46% and dew point at 61 – it feels more like Indiana. Suddenly rained late yesterday afternoon. Hard and short. Then rained off and on last night and early this morning. Lots of clouds building up over the mountains again today.
A case of “be careful what you wish for.” Beginning to think we will miss Brown County for some things. We were in a Costco this morning to rejoin – let it lapse because there were no Costcos near Brown County. Had to stand in line for 30 minutes to rejoin. I think there were more people in that Costco while we were there then the entire number of people who live in Brown County. Boy – we’re just not used to the crowds anymore. Finally got our card and did some shopping – didn’t buy much mostly checking things out.
Then to Wal*Mart to get bedding for the futon – just in case we have to end up sleeping on it until our furniture arrives. Still don’t know when it might show up. It isn’t even scheduled yet. Trying to find a truck that is coming this way I guess.
Yesterday we went to a bank to open accounts here. Again a half hour wait to talk to someone. (Really dreading when we have to go to DMV!) Finally got to talk to a very nice young man who really took good care of us. Little by little we are becoming LV residents.
And the house? Well it was supposed to be ready to have stuff delivered Monday…Everything inside was supposed to be done last night. We went over there today. Very little has been finished. The living room has all the flooring but the small room, kitchen and halls are not done. The carpet isn’t there. The kitchen cupboard doors aren’t ready etc. etc…When we went by yesterday we were told the flooring would be done because the refrigerator and dryer were being delivered – and the carpet would be delivered. Didn’t see any of that today, in fact didn’t see the contractor or any of the workers. …
that is the stove sitting in the middle of the floor because the kitchen isn't done yet
Except for the guys that were there working on the garage floor which is a major – must get done. 
filling in the major holes and cracks - then it will be painted. 


  1. I am becoming stressed just reading about you are experiencing.......hang in there.

  2. I am just so glad Bill is feeling so much better that everything else doesn't bother me so much.