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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Things moving along finally.

Boy oh boy! Yesterday was one of the hottest days since we’ve been here. Don’t know what the temperature was but it was evil. The poor AC in the Alfa was struggling and barely keeping it live able in here. Usually it shuts off during the evening but ran way into the night last night.
First thing in the morning we had all six of the “house” batteries in the Alfa replaced. Hopefully that will solve the not charging problem. Big bite out of our finances. An older RV turns into a money pit. Seems like it is one thing after another. But then if we took a house and shook it down the road like we do the RV it would probably be just toothpicks. Turned out the water problem again was debris clogging the pump. The campground is looking into the dirty water problem.
Then we stopped over by our new home – the flooring was getting put in. 
We also picked out the color of carpeting we want in the bedrooms. 
The new counter was in the laundry room – just waiting to have the sink put in. By Friday all the flooring will be in, the cupboard doors in the kitchen will be on, the new refrigerator and dryer will be in. And they – the workers – say by Monday the garage floor will be patched, smoothed and painted. So we can start having deliveries made Monday. Got the computer desks and went to furniture store and arranged deliveries. So we’ll have a place to sit and a dining room table and chairs and a functioning kitchen. Progress of sorts. While there we talked to one of the workers and he will assemble the computer desks and hutches for us. We’ll pay him of course. While waiting for deliveries I’ll be able to line cupboards and drawers etc. When we’ve been over there the AC has been working good.

The back patio cover and the front awning with shelving and a fireplace. Oh my, decisions.  Patio furniture (something simple as we are bringing two wicker rockers from home.) And some kind of guest bed. And still have to schedule Direct TV installation and some kind of Internet. But are waiting for our TVs to get here. 

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