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Thursday, August 20, 2015

First meal in new home.

Another beautiful morning here in Vegas – supposed to be cooler today. Only 106 instead of 111. Every little bit helps. At least it should cool down to the low 80s tonight. I really dread our first electric bill here. What with the $250 deposit! The hot, hot weather and all the construction work and workers in and out all day – I might have to take out a “pay day” loan to pay it. I plan on being sitting down when I open it. 
No pictures of anything today. Didn’t do anything but get deliveries and TV working yesterday. The Direct TV is up and running – and we did lose that nice MeTV channel with all the old 60s and 70s series on it. Shoot. And we have to have the installer come back when we get our furniture delivery with the other TVs and all the receiver boxes. At a price of course.
I did get to watch the NASCAR truck race. Well part of it anyway, it got halted because of rain and I didn’t think they would finish it so never checked back. Guess they got the track dried and did finish it. My driver came in 2nd.
All our deliveries got here as scheduled yesterday so we now have a table and chairs for the patio, a new screen door and an extra cabinet for the laundry. Wanted something I could put brooms, mops, and etc. in. Bill got all his lumber and can’t wait to get started on his garage shelving. Right now we have an electrician here – not sure what he is doing – the other night we had two lights on in the kitchen and I turned on the microwave – shades of Brown County – everything went dark. I think we have a problem. Went out and checked, we will be getting a whole new electrical panel – compliments of the park company. They repair or replace things that go out/wrong the first 30 days. They will also replace one of the ceiling fans that isn’t working. Within the next hour or so the furniture store should bring the other part of the cabinet…And this afternoon we should get high speed Internet! – Which is good ‘cause we are almost out of our GBs for this month with Verizon.
This morning early we brought the Alfa over here to its storage place. Tight squeeze but it is in there. 
I’m getting really antsy for our furniture to get here. Get things unpacked and see what we still need. Get all my “stuff” back out where I can see it.
The other box of the cabinet got here right on time, now we just have to put it together!
The Internet guy came but left again, will be back sometime tomorrow. Seems like lines have to be run to the house from the street. So we have the computer room all messed up waiting for a new telephone jack. Tomorrow, tomorrow…
Bill put together the patio table, just had to put the legs on it. So it is set up out back. Maybe someday it will cool down enough to go out there and sit at it.
We also got the living room curtains and drapes up. What a difference they make.
AND I did cook dinner tonight. We had chicken breasts in an artichoke, lemon sauce. Angel hair pasta with olive oil and garlic. And yellow squash, zucchini, onion and tomato sautéed in wine. Our first meal in our new house. Only I forgot we didn’t have anything but paper plates and no serving dishes. But we made do. And now we’re trying out the dishwasher for the pots, pans and silverware. Want to make sure it is working.

And another day has passed. 

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  1. Lot's of work but rewarding as it comes together.