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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our furniture is coming!

Up before light again this morning. I look at the window and think it is getting light but it turns out to just be the street lights that shine through. Got up at 4:30 it is now 6:00 and the sun is starting to come up over the desert.
Yesterday was amazing. So many things came together for us. First we got a call from the moving company. They gave us a contact number for the driver who will bring our stuff. We called him and he said he will “probably” be here Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Most likely early Sunday. Whoppie! We have to call him on Friday and he’ll be able to give us a more accurate day and time. He also told us the amount of money we have to have on hand for him and it agrees with what we still owe for delivery. Also got an email from the moving company with the amount in writing. Why that’s important is that a lot of moving companies are notorious for demanding more money on delivery. So things are looking good.
Bill put the last piece of the entertainment center together – so that is done. Can’t wait until we get our stuff so I can put my collections on it.
Then the guys showed up to put up the patio cover and the awning over the front sidewalk. We’d been told the day before that they wouldn’t be here until next week. Well they came and it is all done. The patio cover
The awning in front going up.
Come spring we'll do some planting in the front to add some color.
While the workers were putting up the awning and patio cover we left to go to breakfast and to the furniture store about the cabinet. I was all ready to put up a fight. But they agreed right away we should get the second box – for no more money – and it was already scheduled for delivery on Thursday. My faith in the store has been restored.
Then on to Office Max for plastic pads to put under our desk chairs and to Wal*Mart for a bathroom cabinet for Bill and some storage solutions for the kitchen for me. Found exactly what I wanted. Expandable shelving – the wire kind coated in white rubbery stuff.
Then home. I got a couple of the kitchen cabinets rearranged. Bill put together his cabinet and we relaxed. There is a great TV channel here in Vegas called MeTv – it shows all old series – Emergency – CHIPS -Perry Mason - Carol Burnet – Happy Days – Donna Reed Show etc. When life was simpler. And fun to watch. I hope we can still get it with Direct TV – I think it is a local Vegas channel so we should.
This morning the Direct TV installer is supposed to come, between 8 – 12. We decided to go ahead and get the new TV connected and we’ll worry about the rest of them when they get here. Will probably cost us another installation fee but it is worth it. This afternoon is the NASCAR Bristol Truck Race – can’t miss that.
And yesterday evening we went out to dinner – I thought about cooking but didn’t. Also went to the Alfa to grab a few more things out of it that we’d forgotten or didn’t think about. Got a couple of things that we will have to put back in it later. I wanted to get the printer so I’d have a written record from the moving company and the Direct TV schedule, etc.
Tomorrow we are supposed to get Internet. The MiFi is working but so slow only on 3G here. Also we’ve already used up most of our GBs for this month already. Looking on line for furniture and tools and etc.
Today we’re also supposed to get a big delivery from Lowes Home Improvement store. Lots of lumber for Bill’s garage project, a patio set, a new set of blinds for the patio doors, a screen door and another cabinet for the laundry room. So once that gets here we should be busy for a while. Guess I'll have to move my baby out of the garage while he is working.
It is supposed to start cooling down here too – by tomorrow ONLY 106, but back to normal? of 101, 103 after that. Why would anyone in their right mind move to Vegas in August? Maybe ‘cause they needed to be able to breathe. 


  1. I think this is a good move for you . People adapt to the hot weather. In Seattle this year , it has been close to 95 several times. When it cools down to 80 or 85 we feel really comfortable.
    Glad things are all coming together for you

  2. Good going, a lot happening at once. Here in Indiana, Channel 13.2 is ME tv and 13.3 is the Cozy .....I have been putting a lot of those onto DVD, like Maverick, Rockford files, Death Valley Days, Route 66, and Donna Reed just to name a few. To tell the truth I am putting them onto DVD for the future, when I get unable to recall stuff the nursing staff and put on a 2-3 hour "old stuff " DVD and I can relive the 50"s and 60's over and over again ! :) I made one trip in August to LV in 2008. Man I prefer March and Oct. Stay cool someplace out there.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog and am glad that you have been able to get a lot of things organised. The awning looks great you must be so pleased with it. I am also in the process of doing up my house and look forward to when its all done and I can just relax.

    Jeanmarie @ RVM