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Sunday, August 9, 2015

About the house.

Don't ask about the formatting - word started to do it and I haven't tried to fix it yet. Between this laptop and the new Word all kinds of strange things seem to happen. Be glad to soon be working on my PC again. 
Good morning. A wonderful morning. I actually was cooler yesterday and got much cooler last night. We both actually slept in this morning because of the lower temperatures. Of course, cooler here is relative – only 99.
Got an exciting email this morning. Our living room furniture will be delivered tomorrow morning between 9:45 and 12:45. Hurray.
We went over to the house yesterday afternoon and…the carpet was done, the laundry room sink was in, the garbage grinder was purchased, the garage floor was mended And they were working on the kitchen cupboard doors. Said they’d work late and all weekend. So Monday everything should be done. Now if only we knew when our stuff from Indiana would show up.
We are buying a new to us, used mobile home. It was built in 1989 and has had previous owners. And the last previous owner sold the unit back to the park. We bought the home from the park. The park is an Over 55 Manufactured Home park. So yes, we’ll be living in a “trailer.” It has about 1500 square feet – three bedrooms, two full baths, big laundry room with washer, dryer, double sink and lots of cupboards. Living/dining room, and extra small room between living room and bedrooms. Kitchen with new refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher and lots and lots of cupboards. Also has a garage. And soon will have a front awning and back patio cover. Our unit backs up to the protected Wetlands area with a view of the desert and mountains. Gated entrance. It will really be a change for us. All but one person we’ve met so far has been very friendly. Even met a lady who quilts. The community buildings have meeting rooms, a pool, a sauna, gym and tennis courts. Everything is kept up beautifully. Close to all shopping in Henderson. ALL KINDS OF SHOPPING! And over 220 restaurants within a four mile radius. Remember we were living in a town with one grocery store, a couple of restaurants that closed at 5:30 daily, no pizza delivery and two fast food places. The closest Wal*Mart and hospital were 25 miles away. So lots of changes for us. Before we moved to Indiana where we lived for eight years we lived here in Vegas for about four years and before that we lived in Los Angeles for forty years – so big city is in my blood.
But where was I. Oh yah, the house. Here is the master bedroom – oops that isn’t PC, not supposed to say master any more – so here is the big bedroom.
It has a big bathroom with a “garden tub” just means it is low and oval, a separate shower, double sinks. And a perfect window over the tub for a stained glass piece. There is a huge closet – it could almost be another bedroom.

This is the smaller of the extra bedrooms, we’ll put our computer desks in here. And use it as an office. It also has a good sized closet. Most of the main rooms have ceiling fans. 
The other bedroom, I'll use it as my sewing room and it will have a futon for guests. Another good sized closet for all my sewing stuff. Lots of electrical plugs in all the rooms. 
the contractor did the vacuuming 
We have faux wood blinds ordered for all the main rooms. 
Here is the "small room" not sure what we'll use it for - maybe I'll put my M&Ms and beading table in there. The wall on the left is only three feet long and the one on the right eight feet. 
The laundry room has lots of cupboards, washer and dryer and a good sized doubled sink. The counter and sink and dryer are brand new. 
There are also top and low cupboards in the hallway. 
Here is a little part of the kitchen - big pantry cupboards. The doors are being refinished.
The counter tops are granite. About the garbage grinder. the previous owners had the one there taken out. So now we're getting it replaced. Brand new. So that's the update on the house. Next pictures might have some furniture in them. I hope. 
Today - no plans except to watch the NASCAR race - it's a road race so should be fun to watch. Might go for a drive this afternoon - or to the Mall. No cooking plans in the near future. 
Now to figure out how to format this the way I want, not the way the computer wants. 


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    1. now we're going through cultural shock the other way - lots and lots of people here.

  2. The problem with your paragraphs is that you have inserted a hanging indent. It is in Home Ribbon, Paragraph. Look for Indention and click the down error on Special and choose none instead of Hanging. Pays to know a Computer teacher.

    Your house looks wonderful. I hope you enjoy. Pam S

    1. thanks -- corrected it. don't know how it happened. I think Word 2013 and/or my laptop have gremlins. All kinds of strange things happen.

  3. Wonderful new to you house. It is a great size - you will enjoy very much. Wishing you much happiness in Las Vegas

  4. Looks like a really nice home. I think you will really enjoy all the amenities . I live in a senior mobile home park too. And the people are very friendly and helpful.