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Monday, August 10, 2015

Some new purchases being delivered today.

We didn’t go over to the house Sunday. Spent most of the day in the Alfa. Had to watch the NASCAR race. Kyle came in second and finally reached 30th in points so as long as he maintains or improves on that he will be in the Chase. Pretty good for missing half of the season with broken bones.
After the race was over we went to get gasoline for the Jeep at Costco. Wow you’d have thought there was a gas shortage. There were lines four to five deep at each set of pumps – and there were six sets of two pumps each. But it was worth the wait. Gas selling at 2.899 as opposed to 3.299 elsewhere. And the store’s parking lot which is huge was packed. Have to remember not to go shopping there on Sunday. The security guard told us there are three Costcos on the west side and only the one here on the east side.
Stopped at Hash House again to eat before we came home. My tummy if FULL. But I am starting to look forward to cooking again. Just have to figure out how to set up the cupboards efficiently.
I will be so glad to be able to move into the house. Because of the extreme heat we are keeping all the blinds and curtains in the Alfa closed. Hate not being able to see the horizon. That also makes it dark in here. Can you say Claustrophobia!
Forgot to mention, when we were over at the house a couple of days ago a little bunny was running around in the yard. So cute. Not looking forward to the raccoons though. But can’t wait to hear the coyotes howl.
This was posted on Facebook by a friend. What a good idea. Showed it to Bill and he liked it.
Boy have we gone through a lot of Internet data already this month. All that looking for stuff on line I guess. Need to be careful the rest of the month. Can’t wait until we can get some kind of unlimited Internet. Cable or DSL. Will start checking into what is available this week. We will keep our Direct TV both for the house and the Alfa and the MiFi for travel but lower our data plan with it.
Had to laugh today when something dawned on me. When we were packing in IN I made sure to gather up all the land line phones and answering machine and pack them. Now we’ve got a Verizon wireless connection [not a cell phone but kind of like a land line phone – but doesn’t plug into a jack.] – so can’t use the landline phones. Also some other things we won’t be able to use or won’t want to use we packed. And got rid of some stuff I wish we’d kept. Water under the bridge – need to move on. We’ll just have to have a garage sale. And there is a window in the master bathroom that is just screaming for a stained glass window. Glad we brought all the glass and equipment with us.
This morning we loaded up some stuff to take to the house i.e.  coffee, tea, honey, water, step stool, cupboard liner and scissors and razor blades.  – try to keep busy most of the day. First out to breakfast then head to the house. Just thought of something, I hope the contractor is there or we won’t be able to get in - he has the keys and is supposed to change the locks.

Bill has had all kinds of tools delivered to the house – he should have a good time unpacking. He can’t wait to start building shelving etc in the garage. 


  1. I hope today went smoothly for you.

  2. Way to much talk about the heat out there Getting me nervous. Gas at 2.25 here. Phone got destroyed two days ago won't have a new phone till Thursday talk to you soon. If you need to get a hold of me call me at work