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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The house hates me.

We both actually slept in this morning, it is a little cooler in here than it has been. I wonder if when we finally shut the AC in the Alfa off if it will ever start again. Has been running almost 24/7 since we’ve been here.
We extended our stay here in the campground for another week. Hopefully by then we’ll be able to move into the house full time. We’ve been here for 28 days. Sometimes it seems much longer than that. But actually I guess we’ve got a lot in in a month. We are starting to take things out of the Alfa and putting them in the house so we won’t have to do it all when we make the move. So far have taken mostly food – gee guess I really can’t cook her now. Oh too bad. When we do make the move we’ll be able to park the Alfa in front of the house for 24 to 48 hours to finish unloading and cleaning it. But I don’t think the house has an electrical plug that can handle it. Will have to ask Bill.
Yesterday we reserved a storage space for the Alfa. It is within the park complex about five blocks away from us. It costs us an additional $20 a month, no electricity or anything, just secure storage.
It is funny how some things surprise you. I turned the hot water on in the kitchen of the house and was surprised it was hot almost immediately. In Indiana we had an “on demand” hot water heater. The water didn’t start heating until we turned the faucet on and then it took about two minutes for the hot water to reach the kitchen. Wasted a lot of water that way – and we had a septic tank. Now we don’t have to worry about that either.
I went into the big bathroom and turned on the LIGHTS over the vanity – there are nine lights above the sinks and they all had 60 watt bulbs in them. What a horrid creature looked back at me from the mirror. Never realized I had that many wrinkles. So they have been changed. Now there is a nicer, softer glow. I wanted 25 watt but could only find 40 so we will put them on a dimmer switch later. Can’t be scaring myself first thing every morning.
Speaking of light bulbs – I had one in my hand and was trying to wipe old paint off it and it broke, put a little cut in my hand [nothing serious just messy] and it got me thinking of a series of ouchies I’ve had lately. Did something to my thumb and it swelled up and wouldn’t bend, it is still swollen but doesn’t hurt any more. Then I broke my little toe and for some reason keep bumping it. It is finally taped to next toe. Ran into my brand new glass coffee table top and put nice bruise under my knee. Then while lining kitchen cupboards I whacked my head on the corner of the cabinet. Maybe the house hates me. Or maybe I’m just a klutz. Or maybe I should pay more attention to what I’m doing.
Yesterday the painters were finishing the trim outside and did some touch up work inside. On Friday they will be moving a nice big ToughShed to our lot, put it right next to the garage. The knobs for the cupboards will be here Monday. On Tuesday the patio cover and the front awning will go up. Also Monday our entertainment center will be delivered – needs to be assembled. On Friday a piece of furniture for the dining room will come – needs to be assembled. And Bill will get a LOAD of lumber for his projects in the garage and coming with that delivery will be a patio table and chairs. On Saturday the contractor’s guys are going to assemble our computer desks.
Today we are going to Penny’s to pick up our last blind and look for a valance for the kitchen window . AND on the way home we’re stopping at our son’s office and I’LL GET MY CAR. Sure hope I remember how to drive. Bill says “don’t worry, it’s like riding a bike you never forget.” Well I can’t ride a bike!
Didn’t take any pictures yesterday.

I need to start getting my new bank accounts set up, probably should take the laptop to the house where I can do it in the AC. It is so hot here in the RV that even Bill –the always cold- Bill has a fan turned on him. TV weather people say we are heading into an extreme heat wave for a few days. And the dew point is 58% with humidity at 35%. Hum…we may sleep at house tonight. 

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