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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Have a computer desk, just need my computer.

I wrote the beginning this yesterday [Friday] afternoon to post today. Yes, I was bored. We spent a good part of the day at the house – just way too hot and steamy to be in the Alfa. I even missed Cup qualifying – no TV at house. But we have coffee and new curtains – what more could I ask for.
This was part of the sunrise on Friday. For some reason I woke up at 2:30, after going to bed at ll:00 and couldn’t go back to sleep. It is a long dark time from 2:30 till sunrise.
We gathered up a bunch of stuff from the Alfa's freezer and refrigerator etc. and got to the house before 9:00. We had to be there to get a FedEx delivery that needed a signature. They came by Thursday but we weren’t here. Also had an electrician coming to see if he can install a 30amp plug for the RV when we are loading and unloading.
Also the contractor’s men were going to install our blinds and put together the computer desks for us. But that’s another story. Well the Fed Ex guy got here and whatever it was he had to deliver was for the people who sold the house. Grrrrr. Oh well. So we jumped into the convertible to run errands. The first of which was to put gas in it. Again the lines at Costco were unbelievable. [Notice how blue the sky was.]
And the price of their gasoline had gone up since the other day. Still cheaper than anywhere else. The Mustang has a 15 gallon tank and it took 13.99 gallons. Guess we could have gone a couple of blocks further.
From there we went to eat, on our way to the café the worker called and wanted to know when we’d be home. Oops. Told him about an hour, he said OK. While we were hurrying eating he called again. They were running late and would it be okay to come Friday at 8:00 a.m. and do everything. Quickly agreed. So by tonight we should have blinds over the windows and our computer desks. On Monday we will get a delivery of a piece of furniture for the dining room. And the entertainment center. Of course everything comes in pieces...
AND we talked to the moving company Friday – we should hear from the driver Monday or Tuesday to schedule delivery. So maybe…we’ll have our stuff by the end of next week. Keeping my fingers crossed. When we left the restaurant we were surprised to see the sky, not so blue anymore.
By the time we got home it was raining again. Is this Nevada or Indiana? Seems more like Indiana the last few days.
More lightening, thunder and rain for about three hours. Looking out back around 4:00.
At 6:30 it was still drizzling with black sky and wind.
While I was fooling with the laptop Bill was working on putting together some of his new tools. Lots of new toys to keep him busy. 
On Wednesday he’ll get a delivery of a big load of lumber to build shelves in the garage. Sure hope it cools down some before then.
It cooled down quite a bit after the rain so we decided to go back to the Alfa for the evening/night.
This morning...So now we’re back at the house at 8:00 a.m.…waiting. We were supposed to get a delivery of a shed yesterday. Unless it is invisible it isn’t here. We are kind of planning on staying here tonight – if the blinds are up. But I’ll have to go back to the RV to watch the race tomorrow.
After the workers got here we took off to run errands. Had to get new blinds to go over the patio doors, a ladder so we can reach the ceiling fans to change the light bulbs and a screen door. All will be delivered on Wednesday with Bill’s lumber.
No rain today so it is a scorcher. Last I looked 107.
Didn’t get to watch NASCAR today but I see Kyle wrecked his cup car and has to go to a backup for tomorrow’s race. But he did win the truck race – coming from the back.
Tomorrow if it is still so hot I’ll go up to the clubhouse to see if I can watch the race there.
Pictures of blinds and desks tomorrow. Little by little we're getting there. 


  1. I love your kitchen curtains. Sounds like you are so busy getting your home just the way you want it. Do you live in the Las Vegas area or near the town of Henderson? I know its annoying waiting on delivery people and construction people etc, but so relieved when all gets done.

  2. It's called global warming, weather is odd everywhere. Love the new kitchen valance. Cheery. Once everything arrives be prepared to be somewhat overwhelmed with all of the to do's. Poco a poco!