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Friday, August 14, 2015

Had a real gully whopper yesterday

We were over at the house yesterday afternoon, not doing anything in particular. When all of a sudden – KRACK! BOOM! What the heck. It was thunder. A sudden desert thunderstorm – this was about 3:00. It rained well into the evening – at 7:30 it was still pouring. And when I went to be around 10:30 I could still hear thunder. When I looked out the front window of the house this is what I saw. You can see the rain.
And lots and lots of lightening. This is looking out back. 
Soon both cell phones were beeping and vibrating with flash flood alerts.  They about vibrated off the counter.
And even more coming. The blue building with the peeling paint is a garage waiting for a manufactured home to be put next to it. In the meantime we have a vacant lot next door, which makes for a better view.
We headed back to the RV in the middle of it. At least the rain cooled things down here for a while. Even the inside of the Alfa cooled down. Mainly because the sun disappeared for the whole afternoon.
First thing in the morning we went to Penny’s to pick up our missing blind. So now have all of them, just need to install them.
Then Bill dropped me off at our son’s office and I picked up my car. I was a little nervous about driving it – been months since I’ve driven But unlike riding a bicycle I didn’t forget how. Kind of enjoyed it until I noticed the gas tank was almost empty. So first thing we’ll have to do is put gas in it when we drive it again. Then it needs a bath, too bad we put it in the garage, the rain was hard enough to clean it. The car was stuffed full of stuff from IN. A couple of rugs, some nice big artificial plants and lots of paintings. Making things more "homey" already.

Little by little we are moving things from the Alfa into the house. And have to do some shopping, need a coffee pot and pillows along with some extra groceries. Cause we are kind of living in both places. I'm going to take everything out of the freezer here in the Alfa over to the house - I'm not going to be doing any cooking here for sure. I might there - to check out the stove and dishwasher and new garbage grinder...then again I might not. Have to wait for a FedEx delivery this morning that we missed yesterday and then to the market. 
There is Cup Qualifying this afternoon that I want to watch so I'll either have to come back to the Alfa or see if the clubhouse TV gets the channel. If we had TV at the house we'd for sure be moving in. 
Today they are supposed to be moving our 8' x 14' shed in to the back yard. Should be interesting. 


  1. I guess this means no more "Life in BrownCounty" ? Living in LV maybe.....LOL
    From a fellow Hoosier.

    1. cant change the name of the blog unless I change the URL and start a whole new blog. Don't want to do that so will just go by "The Golden Years"