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Sunday, August 30, 2015

It is getting cooler here

And the days continue to  pass with no news on when we'll get our furniture. It will be so nice when it is all here and everything is put away. Now I put something away and know I'll have to change where it is when we get the rest of the stuff. 
We - I didn't get much done yesterday. Watched some racing and a couple of soccer games on TV. The cabinet is still on the floor partly put together. When we do get it finished I don't know if we'll be able to stand it up. It is HEAVY.Then have to decide where to put it. I've changed my mind a couple of times already.  
We've got an electrician coming Tuesday to see what can be done about the electric. Don't know if it is just a bad breaker or the whole panel. And I want to look into getting screens for all the windows. I like fresh air. If we'd realized there were no screens we would have had the park put them on before we bought. Just never noticed. 
According to the TV weather people we should be in for a break in the heat. Today and tomorrow only 102 - then down into the high 90's for a while. With lows of mid to high 70's at night. Bill says we'll need to get out the electric blanked - but there is a problem with that - the blanket is here but the controls are with the furniture...somewhere...It is funny but even 102 feels quite a bit cooler than 110.
I fixed dinner again last night - told Bill not to expect it all the time but it is kind of fun to cook again. We had eggplant, asparagus and salmon. [had to remember to turn the lights off when I put the asparagus in the microwave!] Even thinking about making cupcakes today...getting so domestic. Oops, just went and looked - don't have my cupcake pans! Oh well. 
One of these days when we get the house together we have to go to the poor Alfa and put everything away and give him a good cleaning. But it will have to be a whole lot cooler to work in him. 
Not much to write about. Maybe today we'll do something interesting. 

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