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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Looking for cool places to spend time. Temperature cool, not fun cool.

The Alfa just doesn’t want to cool down inside anymore. Too many +105 days and mid 80 nights. Tried leaving the windows open last night but it never got cool enough outside to help. The AC is running fine but just can’t keep up with the heat. We keep trying to figure out places to go to get out of here.
Yesterday morning we went to the Town Square shopping center. It is right across the street from the airport (and next to Fry’s Electronics.) We went there to go to the Container Store. Saw lots of stuff that we might need when we get moved in. Fun store to spend time in just looking around. Then we went into a Charmin Charlies. Another fun store to look around in. There are lots of interesting stores, many, many places to eat, a movies theater and a nice park there. Shaded streets to walk up and down. In the evening it would be great.
Pretty Buildings
Shaded streets - lots of places to stop and eat or drink
Green trees and blue sky 
Another one of the neat interchanges here – burros at this one.
From there we went to a Futon store and got a futon for our guest room or as I call it My Sewing Room. It is comfortable, not massive and has storage underneath. Now just have to get bedding for it. Stopped for breakfast and then returned to Alfa. HOT.
I took a long nap…don’t know what Bill did, play with his computer I guess. Now that it is up and running again. Because it is an older PC it has to have an adapter to pick up wireless Internet and it quit working a couple of days ago. Got a new one.
Too warm to stay here so out we went again. But just before we left, before I put my shoes on of course, I caught my little toe on a chair. Ouch. Didn’t look too bad or hurt too much. Put shoes on and away we went.
I’d seen a store called Quiltique out on N Stephanie in Henderson that I want to check out. OMG. I will be spending a lot of time there in the future. It is what I though a quilting store. Beautiful material, lots of neat quilt kits, aisles of fat quarters, thread, patterns etc. etc. And very good AC inside.

Then we stopped at Hash House A Go Go again for dinner. 
I had a cold spinach salad that was very good but not near as delicious as their warm spinach salad. Bill had a Cesare Salad. Way too much for either of us to eat. This time we brought our biscuits home for snacking.
the stick looking things are pasta
Then we stopped at Best Buy to see if they had any TV stands we liked, nope and then on to roam around a Bed, Bath and Beyond. So much shopping, so many places…
Also finished scheduling deliveries of stuff we’ve bought here – all should show up Monday and/or Tuesday. Sure hope we can figure out how to let them in the gate when they get here. I think we should practice it once or twice before. Bill packed a lot of our kitchen stuff in boxes that he put in the basement compartments of the Alfa. So that will give me something to do while waiting, in a nice cool house, for the deliveries. Today I think I'll open a bank account here. I hope the big city banks are as nice as the one in Indiana. 
Then find some bedding for the futon – we may end up sleeping on it if it doesn’t cool down here.

By the time we got home last night my whole toe was purple. This is the same toe I broke a couple of years ago in Mazatlan and it’s on the foot I broke several years ago. So the whole foot is angry with me and the toe looks like a sausage link. Can’t mention it to Bill ‘cause he is always yelling at me for not wearing shoes. No sympathy there.


  1. OMG it's hot there! I think I would have to summer someplace else and winter there. I can't handle that much heat. It's hot here and I am miserable and it is hovering around 100 or less (but not much). Can't wait to see the house when you are moved in.

    1. when we lived here years ago we used to leave the end of May and return end of September. So we will probably change our traveling time come next year.

  2. How on earth did I miss that quilt store when we were in Henderson last spring? Thanks for the info ..I'll be sure to look for it this fall when we go through. Hope the weather breaks for you..we sure need some rain up here on Vancouver Island