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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lots of work got done in the house.

Some progress to report from yesterday. But first I want to post a picture of a billboard. Thought it was interesting. There are a couple in the same vain around town but I usually don’t have the camera out.
A little more about our going to the bank experience. When I think about it I wonder if the man who helped us had been reading our blog about our new phone experience. Because he went out of his way to make sure everything we’d have to do for a new bank account was done – before we left. He helped set up our on-line banking, made sure we activated our new bank cards, and even notified social security of our new accounts for direct deposit. Kind of creepy all the stuff that he could do for us.
Yesterday early evening we headed out to dinner – I just do not want to cook in the RV. Just too hot – funny thing is I’m looking forward to being able to cook dinner again. Getting tired of restaurants and/or salads. Anyway then went to check out a big Target store. First one we’ve been in in years. In Target we were looking at small pieces of furniture and discovered the Whalen Brand – lots of interesting TV stands. Will have to explore their web site more thoroughly. And since we were out that way we stopped by the house.
Miracles! The garage floor was patched.
All the flooring was done in the living room, kitchen and small room.
The refrigerator and dryer were installed. And the stove was put back. 
cupboard doors still being refinished - I can live with that for a while.
small room 
And the carpet layer was there waiting for the carpet that was on its way.
So at least when stuff starts being delivered on Monday we’ll be able to put it where it belongs.

Also have to mention it was cooler last evening – only 100 instead of 106/08. Even cooled down in the RV some. Today is supposed to be cooler all day. Hope so. 
And we even did a dry run on opening the main gate for the deliveries. They put in a code we give them, it rings on the cell phone and we press a button and the gate opens. We tried it and it worked - little victories. (I just have to remember where the cell phone is.)

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