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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Presto Chango!

Very gray and cloudy out this morning, might it be cooler today?
Yesterday many many things got done, but more about that later. I love this bush, it is so pretty. Eventually I hope to do some landscaping and this will be one of the additions. Also an ocotillo plant and some colorful lantana. Probably not till Spring though.
 This is the view from the kitchen window. I don't want to put blinds on this window but will have to do something. We have a pretty good sized yard.
As I said lots of things got done today. One was the changing of this wall. And soon we'll have knobbies on the cupboard doors.
 Voila - it is now a GREEN wall. I mentioned we'd get some color into the place. Just the beginning.
 This is the wall in the "small room" doesn't it just call out for a Fathead of the #18 NASCAR!!!!!
The computer desks arrived today. They will be put together by Saturday. 
And even more changes today - yesterday we talked to the contractor about painting the exterior of the house. Blue was no one's favorite color. Except I guess the people who lived here before us. So we thought about yellow. We picked a sample from the contractor's color chart. He went last night and bought a sample and painted some on the house. Suggested we check it out before he bought all the paint. Good thing. We would have had a REALLY yellow house. WOW - how to win friends and influence neighbors. 
 So we met with the contractor again and picked another color. Kind of a sand color. This morning they started painting. Here they are painting over the YELLOW.
 The house is painted. The trim and awnings will be done today or tomorrow. Love it! Looks so much better. Blends in with the desert setting.
This is how it looked, really blue and ugly. 
 While the guys were painting the exterior and I was lining shelves in the kitchen Bill was playing in the newly painted garage with all his new tools. He can't wait to start using them.
 This is for you Tom. The futon arrived yesterday too. Already for guests - or maybe us pretty soon. Also while at the house I did laundry with my new washer and dryer. Both do a good job.
Leaving there this evening we had to stop for this bunny to get out of the way. 
 No it didn't rain. But something was sure leaking. We were on our way out to dinner and had to ford this river. The intersection was almost dry when we passed it on the way home.
And that was our day yesterday. Got home in time to see the end of a Barcelona soccer team. They won another Cup.
No Deliveries today - so don't know what we will get done. A trip to Home Depot for lumber so Bill can start "building things." like shelves in the garage. 


  1. Know this has been a lot of work but looks like fun to me. Enjoy Vegas!

  2. Wow! Didn't realize futons could look so inviting .. Outside of house looks great in the sand color ..much better to my eye.
    I'm amazed at how much is getting done so quickly.

  3. Great choice on the color for the outside your home - looks great.

  4. I didn't like the blue exterior either. I think you now have the perfect color on the exterior. Cute rabbit.