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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Getting busy now.

I am glad to report that either the medication or the thought of leaving within the next week or so has improved Bill’s allergies.  We are slowly loading the Alfa with all the essentials for our journey. Seems like every year we leave earlier. After spending time in Jennie the last year – I can’t remember where anything goes in the Alfa – think there will be a lot of rearranging on the first weeks of the trip. I guess it almost has too much room to put things.
Spent the weekend watching races and cooking. Yes me COOKING! When we went to Jungle Jim’s Market in Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago I found empanada dough – so spent Sunday making six dozen empanadas. They freeze good and make good quick snacks.
They are basically little meat pies. Hamburger and ground pork meat, hard egg, corn, olives and Italian spices all cooked together and then stuffed in the dough. YUM.
As for the races - #18 has come in second in both of the Chase races – giving the #20 and #48 a run for their money.
The weather here remains fall like – turned the heater on one other evening just to take the damp chill off. But the days are beautiful. And lots more of the trees are getting their fall colors.
I got a new Nook yesterday. Actually bought on a couple of days ago – got it home and decided that I didn’t need all the bells and whistles on it – it was more like a tablet set up for lots of on-line stuff. So took it back and got a simple one – the one with the glow light – it lights up for reading at night so I won’t have to use my little reading light. Connected to our internet just fine using the Verizon MiFi – And easy to read at night and during the day in the sunshine. My old nook was getting temperamental [when I turned a page it would turn two or three so I’d have to keep paging back to where I wanted to be – got annoying] and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge for very long.

Well off to Bloomington this morning to see the eye doctor for new prescription for glasses – Bill not me. Then we’ll get them made in Mexico. Soooooo much cheaper there. 
Coming home the other day I had Bill pull over so I could take a couple pictures of these old barns - I know I know - I just like the old falling down ones. I don't think the smaller one will make it through the winter this year. More and more of it has fallen down through the summer. 

I wonder how long ago they were built?

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  1. I'm a barn lover too. Doesn't matter if they are falling down, beautiful red ones...just love barns.