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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Turned on house heater last night.

BRRRR....we are having some pretty cool weather - down in 40s at night and staying in 60s during the day. Even turned the heater on for a bit last night as Bill was freezing (I was pretty cool too but don't tell anyone.) Tomorrow it is supposed to warm back up into high 70s mid 80s for a few days then cool off again. The trees are already losing their leaves and some are starting to turn color.
So of course Bill wants to get on the road - tomorrow if I'd agree. Thank goodness we have to wait for a few things to come in the mail.
Good race weekend for my favorite driver. He won the truck and Nationwide race and missed winning the cup race by 1.5 seconds! One point five seconds quicker and he would have won all three races of the weekend. But it was a good points for the championship for him.
I've been practicing knitting with circular needles - didn't seem too hard until I screwed up the sequence of the stitches. As the beanie got near the end I was supposed to switch to double pointed needles - four of them - what a mess. Got the yarn wound up all around the needles. So I just ended the beanie - except it is more like a yarmulke then a beanie.
Had lots of company over the weekend. A lady RVer who belongs to the women's RV forum we belong to stopped by for the night on her way home to Alabama. Nice meeting her and visiting with her.
Also had a visit from our friend down the hill - Laughing Womyn - she is a very interesting person - love to have her come visit. This is her web site.  http://laughingwomyn.com/
And Tom and his friend came up to watch the race - well tried to watch the race until the rain delay. Forgot to offer them any of the apple pie! Shame on me - now I have to eat it all.

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