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Sunday, September 8, 2013

End of Jungle Jim's International Market Adventure

AAARRRGGG! The technical gremlin struck again….Bill’s wifi adapter quit working so had to go into big town this a.m. and buy a new one.  But back to our adventure in grocery shopping.
Wandering around the aisles just taking everything in.  Hummmmm…….
Elephants and Hunters and lots and lots of curry.
Now this is a little too fresh for me.
“I’ll take that one right there!”
Umm…won’t they really be stressed out when caught?
Found ourselves back in the produce department – guess we were walking in circles – Will we ever find our way out?  These are called Florida Dragon Fruit. Never seen them before.
Heading back to the deli dept to get some cold cuts walked by lots of aisles of Olive Oil.
Then past the Frozen Food area.
So did we get anything besides lingonberries, beer and cheese. Of course we did. Got some real sopressata, some Dulce de Leche from Argentina and some Lupini beans.
Finally found our way out – through the jungle no less.

Jungle Jim’s started out small in 1971 – sure has grown up and out.
Then Back Home in Indiana. 
We got some much needed rain during the night. So glad as we are headed into another hot hot hot dry spell. Dry as in no rain – not dry as in no humidity. You know it is humid out when you can SEE the air!
Not a good NASCAR weekend for my favorite driver. But at least this year he has made it into the chase so at least has a chance for the big prize.
Here is a pic of my finished scarf and mitts. Now I just have to find someone to give them to.
Now I’m working on a red, white and blue beanie for Bill. How come every time I start something new I have to go out and buy something? Circular needles, double point needles, white yarn – never ending.

And the window – one side is soldered and the edges have framing on them. Lots more work to do though before it can be hung up. 
It will look prettier when the light is shinning through it.