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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finished up some Projects - Stained glass and Knitting

Beautiful fall weather has arrived in the low 70s for a few days. But much to Bill’s dislike it is in the high 40s at night. He says it is time to LEAVE – but next week it will be getting warmer again. Already leaves are falling from the trees and some of the trees are starting their color changes.
Watched the NASCAR truck race last night. EXCITING – and Kyle won. He and Keslowski (funny - spell check wants to change Keslowski to slowpoke!) drove at least 30-40 laps door to door at 170 miles per hour. And the track at Chicago is really rough – could see the trucks bounce up and down. Nerves of steel. Today is the Nationwide race. Got to watch it.
We saw this truck in Columbus the other day – neat isn’t it – check out the windshield wipers coming down from the roof.
It is for sale - $20,000 – too bad I kind of liked it but not that much. Besides we’re running out of room to park things.
To change subjects - Here is a picture of the broken front window I want to cover up.
Here is the finished stained glass window just sitting in the window. Bill hung it for me later but forgot to take a “finished” picture.
So my beanie projects – two are finished. This is the first one. Think it is big enough? Ski mask maybe? Don't laugh I'm learning. 
Well here it is rolled up and not looking quite so strange.
And my second one – it is a little better size wise but not so colorful.
Now I’m trying to make one using circular needles and part way through am supposed to switch to three or four double pointed needles – not sure about that. Sounds way beyond confusing to me but will give it a try.
Maybe going to bake a pineapple upside down cake or apple pie today - good day to have the oven on. YUM.  


  1. Love the stained glass. The caps are great also, you sure learned to knit fast. Counting the days until we leave here.

  2. Hi! Just checking in with you guys! I agree with Bill, time to head south!! We'll be in Mazatlan from Dec 29 until Feb 29 and hope to see you guys!!