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Saturday, September 21, 2013

And he said, "GET OUT OF TOWN!"

We’ve had some interesting days lately. Woke up to heavy rains and lots of thunder and lightening a couple of days ago – and have had rain off and on since then. Temperatures have been fluctuating between low 60s up to high 80s the last couple of days and into the 40s at night. Even had the heater on for a few minutes one day. Got to love Indiana weather.
Before I forget here is a picture of the window hanging up – covering the broken glass – from the inside anyway.
The Alfa still sits in the driveway all we need to do now is load our stuff in it and take off. Bill has been ready to leave since the first time the temperatures dropped into the 40s at night a week or so ago. But I’m holding out till …. I don’t know when. But I think he is going to get his wish. A week or so ago [about the time it got cold the first time] he had a really bad cold. And when he gets a cold it is usually a mega COLD! After about seven days he was more or less over it. Then it got hot again and then cold again. So he was miserable with another cold?! Except this time it didn’t go away, he just stayed miserable. He’s been sniffing, sneezing and his eyes were watering like a water truck so he finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday. Well I’m telling you by the time we left the office I was ready to slap the doctor. After checking Bill over his diagnosis was allergies. His recommendation QUOTE” Get out of this area.” UNQUOTE! I know my mouth fell open and Bill was grinning from ear to ear. According to the doctor the pollens, dust, leaves, mold and etc. etc. this year in this area are terrible and he will do much better in the southwest. If I didn’t know better I’d swear Bill paid him off. Of course he also gave him some medications which thank heavens are working…but his parting shot was LEAVE as soon as you can.
So I guess we’ll be hitting the road sooner rather than later.
The leaves are falling off the trees and starting to pile up around the house and many of the trees are starting to turn color. Just caught this one on the way home this morning.
And a picture that I thought was pretty passing the gazebo downtown. 


  1. Haha That's great when the Dr. says go.:) I love the fall colors. Have a safe and happy trip.

  2. Whoa...gotta take THAT as a sign from Higher Powers... Can't believe your leaves are dropping. Ours are just starting to change color, but haven't seen any on the ground yet. Anywho, the adventure begins...or continues. Travel safe!

  3. We just ate the night before last at the Hobnob...I saw your last picture and thought that looks familiar. You're in Brown County! Did you try a nettie pot for allergies, cured my husband.