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Monday, February 24, 2014

Argentina to Alaska trip

A day behind again – didn’t feel good again – another doctor again – more pills again!! What is with this this year? Feel fine today though. This time went to the doctor at WalMart – yes WalMart very nice young man he must have been about 13 years old – how come doctors keep getting younger and younger? 30Pesos for a consultation – about US$ 2.50. Had to do the math on that twice to make sure I was right. Just a stomach bug could be because of all the antibiotics I had last week just made everything angry.
So that’s my story.
Friday started out slowly. Ran a couple of errands – dropped off the laundry – yah – and picked up a pair of Bill’s pants he had LET OUT. He claims he isn’t gaining any weight. I told him – don’t let them out just wear them below your belly. I wonder if that’s why he didn’t speak to me for a while.
From there we went to the sports bar for lunch and to watch a Barcelona game – but it wasn’t on TV so we watched the beginning of the Nationwide race. Boring. Came home and watched the end on the Leaderboard on the laptop.
Decided later that I didn’t want to cook dinner so we headed out to the Plazuela Machado. We were stopped at a light by this truck. The box of it was one of those colorful moving signs that are so popular now especially in Vegas. With music of course.
Then while driving down the Malecón we passed a “parade” going the other way. It was 20 – 30 4x4 vehicles of all brands being led by a police car with its lights and siren going. No idea why – some kind of event must have been going on.
Got a quick shot of the sunset kind of pretty.
And a little better shot of the hotel with the lighted Valentine on it.
One of the Carnaval decorations – I’ve read that this is supposed to be Che Guvara The name says Ráscale Che. Some how I just can’t picture him in a flowered shirt and shorts. There is the beard, long hair, the cigar and beret though.
Carnaval starts in four days so the city is preparing – these gates will be close to contain the partying. Getting into the Centro Historico will require a whole new set of streets.
Hum…a new law in the city. Bill talking to the owner of the parking lot we use at night. As we were getting out of the car she was busy writing out a receipt with license number and all. Bill told her we didn’t need a receipt. Well now you get one. New law. Every car in the lot has to have a receipt or be logged in so the city can collect taxes on the parking fees. And there are inspections. She wasn’t very happy about it.
As we walked towards the Plazuela we spotted this little car. It was decorated with signs saying “Argentina to Alaska” it is a Fiat 600 about 40 years old. 
Of course we had to stop to talk to the two young guys driving it.
They are from Argentina and have been on the road about 1 ½ years since leaving Argentina. They’ve been all over South and Central America and southern Mexico. They were leaving on the ferry for Baja the next day. So their route isn’t quite as direct as the banner shows.
They were amazed that we drove from California to Argentina in 1978 in a motorhome. Read about our trip at Moving on 1
Ended up inviting them to eat with us and then taking them home with us to pitch their tent here in the RV park.  

Back at the Plazuela we saw an interesting sight we’ve never seen there before – but I hope to see again. This is a very old man – wish I’d gotten a pic of his wrinkled face. Bare legs with sandals. Shirt and loin cloth and bow and arrow.

On the way home we got behind a police car – here they drive around at night with their lights flashing. Blinding lights. Bill dropped back some to get out of the flash flash of red and blue.
So yesterday just to the Doc and home. Race was rain delayed. But watched leaderboard at the end of it. Good for Earnhardt Jr.

Today we are going to the tequila distillery.