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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oh Oh it speaks Spanish

Just watched the first race of the Budweiser Duels – Kyle didn’t do so good. At least he didn’t wreck but 21 out of 24 doesn’t get any letters written home. Last year he won.
Yesterday we took an early trip to WalMart. Bill had decided to use his laptop instead of the PC. But we both forgot to bring his keyboard with us – I know the laptop has a keyboard but it is made of some shiny material that makes it really hard to see. He also wanted a new mouse for it – I know but he doesn’t like the touch pad and has never got used to it. So anyway. WalMart had a wireless keyboard and mouse package for a reasonable price. Bought them and brought them home. After he’d been fooling around a while with the laptop. He got up and said to me, “I can’t use this keyboard!” “Why?” I asked. “Because IT SPEAKS SPANISH!” Oh, oh. Well of course it would. We bought it in a WalMart in Mexico. Duh! I never thought of that. And it is a very different keyboard…lots of things in different places. So he is back to using his PC. Guess we’ll find some one to give the keyboard to.
For lunch we went to the sports bar again to watch more soccer games. This time two games at once. I gave up trying to keep track but he enjoyed it. Until the wrong team scored a goal. Well you can’t win them all.
Now we have to decide when we are going to head towards home. Our rent here is up Saturday so we either have to leave or renew it. If we renew it for less then a month the price goes way up per day. If we renew it for a month that will be until March 22 before we leave. A late start home. But with the bad weather do we want to get home any earlier? Ah decisions decisions.
Very very muggy here today – everything feels sticky to the touch.
And the weirdest thing. To the left of us – from us to the fence there are around nine empty RV spaces. To the right of us there are five spaces one with a 5th wheel in it. We were gone a while today and when we got back there is another 5th wheel one space from us on the right and his truck was/is parked in the empty space we always park Willie in……..Why would you want to be so close to two other rigs when you can have lots of space on the other side? Have not seen any movement in the rig or the truck since we’ve been home.

We did get out and about a little today so will write about that tomorrow. 

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