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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Barcelona Won

Very overcast or almost foggy here this morning. Sun is behind the clouds – but don’t think that will keep it any cooler. It will probably be more humid. Ick. But then we could be home - From cool, to warm with severe rain/flooding to cool and more snow. Glad we live on top of a hill.
Temperatures will remain mild in the low to mid 40s with partly cloudy skies today, but by tomorrow, we will start tracking the possibility of strong to severe storms.
Thursday highs will approach the 60 degree mark.  Thursday afternoon and night strong to severe storms are possible. 
From 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., we could see damaging winds and flooding.  One to two inches of rain is possible, and with the melting snow pack, we will be monitoring for flooding.
As the front passes Thursday night, colder air moves in, and a few snowflakes are possible.
Temperatures for the weekend cool into the 30s, and another chance of snow will move in by next week.
Enough with the weather…Not too much to write about yesterday. We went to the grocery store early – not anything exciting about that except I lost Bill in there and it took me forever to find him. He was buying socks???? Then on home until around noon when we headed to the restaurant on the marina – Christys – went there for lunch and to watch the Barcelona vs Manchester City soccer game. Barcelona won.  Messi looks like his old self before his injury. There was another table of four guys there watching. Two were for Barcelona and two for Man City. Added to the entertainment.
Then home for the rest of the day. And I cooked dinner again. Steak and au gratin potatoes. We ate at 8:30 – didn’t realize it was so late.
Not even one interesting thought or musing from me yesterday – well none that I can share any way. Starting tomorrow there is a NASCAR race every day for four days… Sunday is the Daytona and the official start of this season.  The #18 has a new paint scheme for Daytona – peanut Yellow M&Ms. Kind of cute. And Kyle is driving his truck in the race Friday and the 54 Gibbs Nationwide car Saturday. Wouldn’t it be amazing if he wins all four races!!!!!!! Including the Budweiser Dual on Thursday. Just so Austin Dillon doesn’t win in the #3. 
The sun is out now and very much warmer but there is a nice breeze. Had to make a run to WalMart to get Bill a keyboard and mouse for his laptop I guess we didn't bring the ones from home. 

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