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Friday, February 21, 2014

Quick trip to La Noria

Started off the morning over at the Torres restaurant. Met John and Jackie there and they would tag along with us for a good part of the day. While eating breakfast I was watching some of the activity on the beach. Horse back riding and parasailing. Several people went parasailing. But after watching one person come in to land over the beach just barely missing a light post I’m not so sure I want to try it. It does look fun though.
After breakfast we headed inland to La Noria. Bill needed to talk to his friend Roberto the leather worker. While they were talking John, Jackie and I walked through parts of the town they hadn’t seen. We walked down a narrow cobblestone street to look at the donkey with stripes that I’d seen last year and he was gone. Instead the whole field was planted with corn. Really really tall corn.
Walking back up the street towards the main street. Some buildings are being used others are in disrepair and empty.
We walked up another street and cut across by the soccer field to a path leading up to the main cross street. Came across this truck loaded with cucumbers just sitting in the path. No one around. Don’t know it if quit running, was stuck or the driver just off somewhere taking a nap.
Back up to the street we stopped a bit to watch this man washing his horse.
Life seems to have a much slower pace in these small towns. 
This bright little house was next to the path we came up. Notice there are no windows on the side. That’s because another house might someday be built right next to it – sharing that wall.
By the time we got back to the leather shop Bill was ready to leave. We were too as it was over 90F out by then. Felt good to be back in the air conditioned car.
Before dropping our friends off we took them over to see the huge mosaic mural on the wall of the Convention Center. It is amazing and in the Guinness Book of World Records because of its size.
Just a couple of pictures of it because I’ve posted many in the past. It depicts the history of the area. It is somewhat 3-dimensional. 

No  plans for today - seems to be getting warmer every day but less humidity today than yesterday. Will be keeping track of the Truck Race tonight. Kyle needs a win! At least the crew chief said he figured out what was wrong with the #18 car yesterday. So hopefully it will be fixed for the Daytona - it better be as he starts way far in the back. 

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