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Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 3 of 7

This is a be careful what you wish for kind of day. Last night I was complaining that I just felt tired and icky and that I wished if what I had was a cold it should act like it. Well I got my wish when I woke up this morning. Full fledged cold. Teach me to keep my mouth shut. A cold lasts a week with meds and seven days without so I figure I'm on day 3....almost over the hump.
So not doing much again - at least the weather is cooperating a little and not getting really hot. Can keep comfortable with the windows open and the breeze most of the day. 
We did go out to the grocery store for a quick trip. Wanted to get some frozen strawberries and cream. So Good! Also lots of fresh fruit for a fruit salad for dinner tonight. 
Still amazed at the winter they are having at home. Snowing even more and temperatures down  below zero again. Our neighbor says he is ready to move south. That's if he can get up to the road from his house down in the valley.