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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Boat Rescue

Driving down the road into New Kino - we will be staying at Kino Bay RV way around the curve towards the end. This park of Kino is mostly tourists from Mexico interior and the US and Canada. Along the beach side are private homes - quite nice homes and many have been built since we were here last. That is the Sea of Cortez or the Gulf of California out there. The weather was warm but a little sea breeze was nice.
Looking at a sailboat and the island off shore. And the sand.
After parking and setting up we took a ride into Old Kino - Kino Viejo it is the part of town you come to first. And it is just what the name says Old Kino - the original fishing village and where all the Nationals live. The yellow building is Bills favorite bakery. We usually go there every other day for fresh bread and goodies. It is the lower portion of the baker's home.
From there we went to the public pier to see if anything was going on. It was actually pretty quiet until we heard a teenage boy yelling about the Panga - a small fishing boat. It had broken it's rope and the tide had come in and was swamping it. He was trying to keep it on the beach and get some of the water out of it.
 Holding on to it as the waves come in. There is quite a bit of water in the boat as everytime a big wave came in it went over the side of the boat.
You can see how much he is straining against the pull of the water as it went back out.
He got a couple of other kids to help hold it while he ran up the beach to talk the driver of this truck to come help him beach it.
After backing the truck towards the boat they tied the boats broken rope to the truck's hitch.

 Here is a short video of the pulling it to safety. Watch the first rope unwind. Everyone on the beach was watching. And or helping.

 After getting it out of the waves they stopped and tipped the boat over to drain the water out of it. 
Looking out into the bay at the fishing boats. More than we've seen before.
Right across the street from Kino Bay RV is a nice restaurant right on the beach. Good food and great view. When we've been here in the past we've gone over there to have breakfast out on the patio. So we went over there last night for dinner and found out that they no longer serve breakfast and the patio is closed! Bill has been looking forward to having Huevos Rancheros there since we started the trip this year. Things keep changing. Dinner was very good, I had pollo empanizado - breaded fried chicken breast, salad and papas fritas - french fried. Bill had Chili Rellenos same sides as me.
This morning it is a little cooler and we are supposed to get some rain squalls this afternoon.  


  1. Yep, things change, but at least you got to see a little excitement today!

  2. Was way behind on your blog due to the Potter's Creek GTG but I'm caught up now and ready to enjoy your 2012 Mexican tour.

  3. Yay, we are in Mexico, and the skies are blue, the water is even bluer! Interesting to watch the boat rescue. Looking forward to all your adventures and the food choices too.