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Friday, November 16, 2012

Huatabampito - I love that word

I've changed the picture on the header. Jennie and Willie in Huatabampito. Am trying to get a better one and I want to change the color of the Heading but can't figure out how to since they updated their format.
We are now in Huatabampito – only did 165 miles today most of it on toll road except through a couple of cities. US$34 in tolls. Up again from last spring. We decided to skip Alamos until we are on our way home. Meanwhile we will drive up there one day and check out the RV parks to make sure they are still open.
We’re at the El Mirador Hotel, Restaurant and RV Park.
Pictures can be enlarged by double clicking on them.
Looking down the beach from our site
We have full hookups and good WiFi. US$15 a day. No TV and our cell phone doesn’t work here but works if we go into town. We got here got settled then had a late lunch at the restaurant.
They have built a wall around the outside seating at the restaurant. Looks really nice.
The restaurant
We’ve paid for a week here. Almost like being home we’ve been here so often.
Then we watched a not quite perfect sunset. The same palm trees I take pictures of every year. But it is so pretty.

We left San Carlos this a.m. around 9:00 – We doubled back north a ways to catch the toll road – didn’t want to drive through Guaymas. Just don’t like going through towns if we don’t have to.
Some construction on the highway. When it is done it will be wonderful. Big new concrete divided highway with wide shoulders even. Passed a crew painting the broken white line down the middle. I remember when they did this with a bucket and a roller. 
This country has come a long way in the past ten years. Even passed one of those huge two lane concrete laying paving machines.
But then….going through a little town you remember where you are. Guess he got a flat tire and didn’t want to drive on it.
And of course watch out for the horses and bicycles. I wonder how much toll they pay?
And the guys selling stuff where ever there is a tope (a tope is a speed bump on steroids.) They could put the sign a little before the tope instead of right on it.
And this bus was using the “I’m biggest I can do what ever I want” method of driving. He wanted in the other lane – NOW!
Before and after little towns and toll booths there are always vendors selling all kinds of things. From beautiful cane chairs to birds in cages. Dried fish and tangerines, CDs and produce.
I’ll catch up with yesterday later or tomorrow morning. We went into Guaymas and then drove up to a little fishing village just north of San Carlos. Talk about two different worlds.

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